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Narendra babu
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Historical Fiction. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since 22nd November 2021.
Narendra babu
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It was a Wedding Ocassion at Outskirts of Lucknow, there was a commotion at a Marriage Hall, people thronged towards it with boquets and gifts in their hands and all the Attendees were of middle and Retirement age. The Placard read Surinder Khanna weds Tanuja Khanna, the video Photographer and his Assistants arrived and covered the outside lightning decors and rushed inside to catch the glimpses inside, all the invitees were seen laughing loudly and sharing their Jokes with cool drinks in their hands, while some tasting the Delicacies of the starters. Now the camera was switched on to the Bride and Bridegroom and astonishingly the Bride was around 65 years old and the Groom around 70 years. Even camera Assistants were confused as who are the Married couple. Anyway they continued their coverage. Invitees were seen handing over their Presents and flowers to the couple extending their congratulory wishes. Mrs.Tanuja with tears in her eyes hugged Mr. Khanna who even couldn't hide his tears and seen brooding over a flash back, looked like his heart was pierced of an injury The Flash back rotated to reveal the incident before their second wedding Mr. Khanna and his Wife Mrs Tanuja Khanna lived with their Son Rahul and daughterin law Navneet and their grandson Preet in Lucknow. . As days passed the Atmosphere in Rahuls House turned Sour and bitter with frequent quarrels amidst daughter in law Navneet and her inlaws. Mr. Khanna suffering from Gastritis as indigestion the root cause was often seen rushing to washroom, due to declining memory he even forgot to flush and that had Navneet turn red and abused Mr. Khanna so badly, even Mrs. Khanna watching from the room could not hide her emotions, she intervened begged for forgiveness and took her husband away. Even Khanna could not digest her daughter in laws bad mouthing. Navneet even sent her aged Fatherinlaw to Grocery market even knowing his Arthitis Problem, but unfortunately one day while visiting the store he lost the Rs, 2000 given by Navneet for Purchases, he came empty hand and revealed the Incident to Navneet. Navneet in a screaming mood "I can't understand how Rahul bought his old Parents and burdened me " saying she rushed to room and Revealed incident to her husband Rahul. Even Rahul in a rash tone "Dad can't you be careful when holding money, now you have lost my precious hard earned money " saying he looked at his wife who looked very Happy. Mr. Khanna was shocked at his sons behaviour he just went back to his flash back where Rahul when a Child lost 2 Rupees given by his father, but Mr. Khanna cuddled him and gave 5 Rs instead, Rahuls Joy knew no bounds he went running towards his friends happilly. Tears Rolled down the cheeks of Mr. Khanna on recollecting the Scene. Mr. Khanna was clever enough he had opened an FD in name of his wife Tanuja Khanna when Rahul was born and that accumulated in to a big sum,. Mr.Khanna visited Punjab National Bank enquired about FD with Bank Officials and got to know the details. Mr. Khanna discussed with his wife to take back the Matured amount and Live seperately, Mrs Khanna obliged as she could not see her husband Malnutred and torture of her daughter Navneet, and Mr. Khanna couldn't see her active wife sobbing every hour at the sight of his insults bored. Rahul knowing about his dads decision to leave the house intervened and in a feeble tone " Dad what's less in this house, you are getting timely food and Shelter and even bearing your tantrums , it's your decision to leave " saying he whisked away to his room. Me.and Mrs. Khanna were shocked at his sons statement but pacified each other. Me. Khanna finally drew the Matured FD amount of his wife and with the help of his retired friends found a one bedroom house around 30 Kns from his Son Rahuls Lucknow home and purchased it and left Rahuls house without informing, while Navneet her daughter in law was happy within herself . Mr. Khanna even found a job as a Librarian in a College campus where his age old friend Shakti kapoor was a Dean in the college. Mr. Khanna wanted his better half to cherish hapiest moments they underwent post marriage, so the only alternative he chose was to recreate the event of his marriage and decided to surprise his wife Mrs. Khanna. Wedding Cards were Printed, the Wedding Hall and Caterers were booked and the day was set on Sunday August 15th the logic being the independent Life to begin with on the same date they tied the nuptial knots As the day arrived Mr. Khanna shopped a black branded Suit for himself and Bridal wear for wife Tanuja. When he disclosed her Bridal wear she was confused and shocked. MrKhanna friends wives took Tanuja Khanna inside and decked her in bridal dress even with parlour mates taking care of her ungroomed grey hair . While Mr Khanna in his Suit looked stunning added with his grey hair and beard smeared with black galore. Tanuja Khanna in a questioning tone "What is this and this madness at this age " Mr. Khanna holding her hands guided her outside and to her surprise saw a car decked with colorful roses and flowers. MrKhannas Friends guided them to the car and made them feel comfortable and the Car left towards the decorated Marriage Hall , while at the marriage Hall MrsKhanna was stunned to see their names on Wedding nameplates and exact date of their marriage 4 decades ago Inside the Hall many Invitees were seen clapping their hands on their arrival. Mr. Khanna and Mrs holding their hands arrived in to Hall. Mrs Khanna found the Hall mesmerising with decoration that touched her heart and bunches of Attendees clapping their welcoming hands. While on the Stage MrsKhanna could not control her emotions, tears rolled down her cheeks erasing her make up. MrKhanna hugged her and in a smiling tone " Hello today is 15th August our Wedding day, I have spent a lot for your beauty parlour, don't let it go waste " . Everyone gathered there smiled their hearts out. Even their tickets to MALDIVES for their honeymoon trip was booked by their friends and finally their recreated happy journey started with couple heading to Maldives in decorated car. LET US WISH THEM A HAPPY REMARRIED LIFE

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