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Sharvan Singh
I write Prose in hindi. My work is in Children, Comedy, Crime, Love genres. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since July 1, 2021.
Sharvan Singh
Hearing this story of Sheikh Chilli
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Once upon a time, Sheikh Chilli was carrying a basket of eggs. When he was carrying a basket of eggs, he was thinking that by selling these eggs, he would become a very rich man. While going home, he was thinking on the way that these eggs would be chickens, then those chickens would lay a lot of eggs. By keeping those eggs, I will become a very rich man. After that I will take a very luxurious house, there will be many servants in that house who will work for me. After that I will get married after seeing a girl from a good rich house. After that I will give birth to three or four children, after that I will also make those children a very big man. After this, I will marry these children in a very big house. Then I will become the grandfather of those children and will feed my grandchildren in my lap. While dreaming all this, he was going on the road, when suddenly one of his feet slipped and he fell on the ground. As soon as he fell on the ground, all the eggs were broken, with the breaking of the egg, Sheikh Chilli's dream also broke.

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