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I write Poetry in English. My work is in Poetry genres. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since February 13, 2020.
Hold me Still
Eternal love
  1 Mins Read

My love Hold me Still Don't close your eyes Let me look deep You through me in your eyes My love Hold me Still Enchanted with your smile Entangled in your lap Enthralled in your thoughts Engaged for this life Eternal our love stands My love Hold me Still May I take your side Don't make me fall behind Let me hold your hand Run through the times At the end of this world We build the strong bond My love Hold me Still At this minute Everything around fades away This moment you in my palms My heart thumping hard I am not living any more Lead me through your steps I can't see the road But you My love Hold me Still My love Hold me Still Come back in every birth I long to meet all the lives Hold me Still at death My love Let me close my eyes Looking into me in you My love I go apart not to be part with you All the times Ever and ever and ever My love Hold me Still My love Hold me Still

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