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I always write to bring out the realities hidden around me. I love writing and listening to what people wanna share. Writing give me relief and I do continue that even if I'm not the best in it.
I think.... it's wrong
Mistakes, one after the other..
  1 Mins Read

Past was haunting, To the limit at its greatest, Scary night, scary dreams, Taking the peace', Mind long for. Got him then, Shared all bits, Time keep running, Trust grew then. One fine day, Like any man around, He asked, And I opened up, Still dilemma strikes, Did I really wanted that? I know atleast, The answer is... Turned out a routine, No feelings anymore, It's all pieces of fear. Fear of loosing,. Fear of missing, Fear to face the world, Fear to be with another man Mind says, I think... it's wrong... Body scream out, Please don't go for it, Soul weeps, But I know- I can never run away, And this maybe the fate, I was always afraid of... From the beginning, It changed a lot, Telling everything- To nothing, Sharing sorrows to- Wetting pillow with tears, Nights are scary again, I think... it's wrong again.

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