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vinaya chandan reddy
vinaya chandan reddy
story on corona pandemic
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On the side of the road, Dr.Will turns on radio in his car, and starts the car. “Splash news, death rate increasing day by day in Gotham city, today Gotham city reported 1200 new corona cases, and 66 deceased. Gotham city billionaire Bruce Wayne helping homeless people by providing shelter, and food in his old palace, and donated 2 billions to Gotham health department. Government requesting everyone to maintain social distance, government announce doctors as new icons,” said news reporter on radio. (“ Dr.Will REACHES HOSPITAL, PARKS THE CAR, AND TURNS OFF THE RADIO”) Dr.Will reaches his department, he changes his dress, wore apron, cleans his hands with sanitizer, and wore face mask. Dr.Will reaches children department for daily checking, he makes jokes, and tricks to cheer up the children while daily check up. Then Dr.Will reaches a girl bed and said, “ why are so sad?.” “ I’m so nervous,” said girl. “why?,” said Dr.Will, and injected medicine into saline bottle. Saline water changes it colour into pink. “ doctor, colour changed,” said girl with excitement. “nurse said you like pink colour, so I added a pigment to change it’s colour,” said Dr.Will. “thank you,” said baby girl. “ now tell me, why are you so nervous, because of pandemic” said Dr.Will by holding girl’s hand. “are we gonna die, due to pandemic,” said girl. “do you believe their words?,” asked Dr.Will. “ no, I don’t believe that,” said girl. “why,” said Dr.Will. “i know batman gonna save us, but news didn’t showed about batman from last week, so I worry that is he alright or not,” said girl. “ don’t worry he is alright,” said Dr.Will. “ how do you know that?,” said girl. “i Dr.Will tell you a secret okay, promise,” said Dr.Will. “ tell me, okay promise,” said girl. “ I am batmen,” said Dr.Will. “really,” said baby girl with excitement. “ yes, don’t reveal our secret,” said Dr.Will “ how are you so strong,” said baby girl. “hmm, because I drink lemon juice every day, and it gives immunity, and vitamin-c,” said Dr.Will. “oh!!,” said baby girl. “ don’t worry about pandemic, our doctors Will take care, and every doctor is a secret batman,” said Dr.Will, and gave one pink colour ribbon to girl. “ what is it,” said girl, by holding ribbon in her hand. “ this a gift from this batman, and I’m leaving now, we Will meet again tomorrow,” said Dr.Will, and left room. vinaya chandan reddy.T   

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