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Harsha Muthyala
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Comedy, Drama, Film Scripts, Feminist Lit. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since 1st February 2022.
Harsha Muthyala
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5…4….3….2….1 Blast off. All computers gave a green signal for the launch. “Richard would be the happiest man if this idea works” Ben was whispering in gloria’s ear. This was the greatest space mission any one has seen before. Everyone in the space control were anxious about the launch. NASA has been working on BHEM [Black hole expedition mission] since Neil Armstrong has kept his foot on the face of moon. BHEM has been NASA’s most secret project. Prof. Hopkin, the one who has been doing his research on black holes was elected as the project guide.  The mission which was limited to a drawing sheet has now taken a shape of a mammoth. Mike has taken severe training to be elected as an astronaut for this mission .He worked hard for selection as he was interested in the project. BHEM took off to the sky and travelled towards vacuum with full thrust as a phoenix from dust. The first stage took off successfully, then the second stage too. Now BHEM was in space. Everyone at the mission control flew their hats off. Now BHEM has to travel 1500 light years to the black hole “The Unicorn”. BHEM was initiated to know about worm holes.  With the help of JPL’s[Jet propulsion laboratory]newly created cryogenic fluid TRE-32667 used as fuel , BHEM has reached Saturn within 38.4736 sec. Mike could see the rocks around it. The mission control at NASA initiated the second stage with which BHEM would leave the Kuiper belt and travel towards ‘The Unicorn’. at the mission control, Mr. Richard had eye on every initiation taken. He was the director of NASA. After travelling 543 light years, mike started experiencing hallucinations and weightlessness. Now BHEM was going to enter into the red zone so called by the mission control as they would lose complete contact with BHEM. Prof. Hopkin knew that from there, everything would be different. BHEM started approaching the black hole. Mike though suffering from health issues, started the boosters to enter the ‘Event Horizon’. As he was approaching the singularity, the space-time fabric ruptured and mike lost control of the rocket. At the mission control, they were calculating the possible outcomes of entering the ‘Event Horizon’. When mike woke up all he could see was a multidimensional space. Due to the rupture in space-time fabric, past, present and future got separated. Now mike could see only flashes of dim light. Now Mike started feeling that his body was getting ripped off. This was due to Anti-matter which was consuming Mike who was in present and converting him into past and future mike. If the present mike wants to live, he has to destroy past and future mike which is only possible by annihilation. To do this he has to find the super particle. Super particle composed of matter and Anti- matter. It was the only particle having anti-matter. Now the super particle was with the future mike. Now if he wants to get the super particle, present mike has to find the future mike and start the process of annihilation. When present mike was wandering in ruptured space-time fabric, he finds a light shining towards him. He followed that light and entered a world where he couldn’t see, hear, smell, and feel anything. His mind couldn’t compute any data, but could find the future mike. Future mike was in a parallel universe which existed with a sun 76875678 times larger than ours and was giving a blue light. Everything was there was as same as our world, only its was made of anti-matter. Future mike on seeing him asked him why he was not destroyed as he was made of matter and when matter and anti-matter come in contact could annihilate each other. Future mike theorized that due to the space-time rupture the present mike is polluted with some anti – matter, yet existed with a combination of matter and anti-matter. The future mike gave the super particle which was in a protected case made of only gluons and muons. As soon as the present mike touched the super particle, the whole universe annihilated itself and started again with big bang. After 4.5 billion years, NASA cancels project BHEM as they think that it is too early for a wormhole expedition and found their calculations were wrong. Mike resigns from NASA and reaches his farm house and starts cleaning it and while doing so he finds a torn paper with ‘BHEM’ written on it.  


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