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Narendra babu
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Historical Fiction. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since 22nd November 2021.
Narendra babu
Inspirational Themes
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In th Past Trend Parents were Last Reach for Children to borrow advices and follow their Teachings, In the Present Trend it's vice versa, where Parents are spell bounded on seeing their child's maturity and also seen they taking advices from their own tender blood . Parents have also exposed to Society that a Girl Child more superior than boy where in past she was treated as a bad Omen. In Small town of Rajhamundry Ramana a Private Company employee and his wife Saritha a house wife and his daughter Ravali a bright 13 year Old 7th Standard lived happily , but was shortlived as Ramana was not in his conscious he behaved differentlly shouting at his wife and ignoring his child. Days Passed by but Ramanas behaviour never changed but ascended to heights, he even went to extend of getting addicted to Liquor. When Saritha intervened he pushed her aside, she fell down with her head hitting the floor inviting a blot and bump on her forehead, she started moaning in Pain. Ravali came to her rescue and screamed at her dad " Dad what's your Problem why are you behaving in such a manner, even Mummy has started to work which she had not revealed to you, why just to run the home and support you in financial affairs, but your attitude let us down " saying she assisted her mum to the Cot nearby. Ramana in shrieking tone " Even all your Support can't help me in clearing my mounting dues to Bank . Talking is easy facing is toughest task " Saying he went towards the room. Next day Morning as Ramana was about to leave for office, Andhra bank officials stopped him and started to abuse him a rude tone for not clearing their loans. Ramana in a soft tone to Bank officials " Sir please come inside let's talk kindly don't make any issue " saying he pleaded with folded hands. But Vigneshwar Bank Collection Agent never listened he pushed Ramana who fell on the Sofa, his wife Saritha also with filded hands pleaded for time. Ramana looked disappointed with tears in his eyes while on other end Ravali his daughter fumed in anger but cooled down and coming near to Vigneshwar " Uncle just tell me have you showed the same attitude on Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, Mehul choski, the so called rich beurocrats when they confiscated Crores of Rupees of Government Banks and escaped , youc ouldnt touch them and it's years no action taken on them, they are living happily and when a man like my father has only defaulted 2 instalments you are dealing with him as a thief " saying she turned towards her wailing father Vigneshwar and his assistants were stunned at a 12 year old Ravali who had guts, Maturity and Intelligence at peaks. Ravali once again intervened seeing at Vigneshwar said "Uncle it's not only my father, even poor farmers who starve to satisfy our hunger by toiling like an animal to produce our staple diet for each ones consumption, but what are you returning him with only abetting him to suicide by mounting immense pressure on him" Saying she fell on Vigneswar feet lifted her head up and once again in a feeble tone " Uncle give us little time we will clear all your dues" Saying she sat next to her father consoling him Ramana was shocked and fell proud for having such a Supportive intelligent and brave daughter. He hugged her and cried inconsolably. Bank Collection Agent Vigneshwar hung his head in shame and in a forgivable tone " Ramana I am terribily sorry for my act, we do have pressures from our superriors. But your daughter opened our eyes and true facts she revealed will have even the highest Government representatives think twice before endorsing loans to rich buerocrats . We will allot some more time for you to repay us" saying they left the place. Destiny this time smiled at them, Ramana had a small land in Rajhamundry as a New Industry was set up near to it the value ascended to heights. Ramana sold the Land cleared his dues and the remaining amount he opened a Fixed deposit for his daughter and thereafter lived Happily with his family. Daughters are the Real guardian to her Parents at their ripe age. .

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