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rajesh mohan
rajesh mohan
Joseph, His Wife & their Child
  2 Mins Read

Indian government suddenly gave a surprise gift to their people. If a woman gets pregnant, she will receive a sum of 6000 rupees. And suddenly, there was an urgent need for husbands, and all the husbands got busy. And so was Joseph, a common husband in India. After the long ten months, they got a child and 6000 rupees. Now what?  The 6000 rupees lasted a week because of the hospital expenses. The child grows up. The future of the child roared at the face of Joseph. The child’s parents had no idea. His wife called Joseph for an urgent meeting at his house. The next day, all the members (Joseph, his wife, and the child) gathered for the meeting. The agenda of the meeting was regarding the future of the child. Hours passed, and none talked, especially the child. Then his wife said, we will teach him and make him a doctor. Joseph denied saying that he does not want his child to kill anyone. His wife nodded in disagreement, and the child looked away.  How about an engineer? Now, Joseph denied looking away. He also said that cement is too costly.  Now what? Saying this, his wife snapped his finger.  Got it, we will make him a lawyer, and that will bring us money. Joseph stood up in anger and denied it. He reasoned that his son has to stay with politicians, and will tell all those lies to the people if he becomes a politician. Then she looked at her child and asked Joseph, can we make him a policeman? He denied saying that he has to lick the leg of the politicians if he becomes the police, and his wife agreed.  The meeting canceled for that day, and they planned for another the next day and went to sleep. In the bed, she slapped Joseph because he asked her if she wanted another 6000 rupees. The meeting continued on the second day.  She asked Joseph, can we make him a movie star? But he denied saying that he will get tired after all those stage shows. Maybe, he might make so much of 6000 rupees. Then she screamed and said. No, no. I don’t want him to do that.  The child looked at them with uttermost sadness. Yes, I got it, said, Joseph. He don’t know anything about 'Eureka'. So he didn’t say that word. His wife and the child looked at him eagerly.  He seemed very proud. My dear family members. I got it. My decision will take him higher than politicians. They will be frightened of him, the movie stars will befriend him, and the police will be at his footstep. He doesn’t have to work for the money. The money will come after him, saying this Joseph looked at his child with pride.  Please tell me. Do you mean to make him a prime minister? No, my dear. We will make him a goonda. She looked at her husband with pride, and Joseph looked at his child with pride. After their discussion, the child looked at the big knife they had with pride.

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