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Gyanendra Kumar
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 31, 2020.
Gyanendra Kumar
A day worth remembering....
A day with my favorite character...
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Meeting someone you like by a chance is really a mesmerizing moment, what if you met someone who you admire a lot as an actor and it is your dream to meet that person and suddenly by a chance he comes into your life. Let's leap into my experience with my most admired actor, singer, song-writer "

Sabrina Carpenter".

It was a fine day when I was at a shopping mall, I was searching for a new dress for my cousin when I saw Sabrina, it was she only. But I was bit nervous to talk to her. I just turned away, but she only came to me asking help "hey, can you help me with holding this dress for a while?, If it's OK with you?" I was just speechless, I just nodded my head for yes and took that dress. She again went there to bring other dress. I was standing there, sweat dripping off me, and I was completely dragged into nervousness. Then she again came before me and asked "hey! Why are you so nervous?" I couldn't talk but gathered some courage to speak and said "Ma'am I just caught into some nervousness as I couldn't belive it is you Sabrina Carpenter. She said, "Oh you know me?, how sweet. I was just on a visit to India, and it is nice that I do have fans here." I said "yes ma'am why not I'm a big fan of your style of singing.." She then asked "then why we can't spend quite more time together." And that was the moment which I never expected. She was such a worldly person, she didn't even know me properly but still asked me to come with her. She then said "And I think you know the place properly, and you can show me best places to visit." I said "Of course." We then left the the mall. We both sat in her car, and she asked "what is your name?" I said, it's Gyanendra but you can call me gyani" she said "Oh nice Gyani, tell something about you and from where you get to know me?" I was till then comfortable with her because she was such a person who make you feel comfortable even if it is a stranger like me. I said "Ma'am first....." She interrupted and said "don't say ma'am now we're friends. You can call me Sabrina." I was just out of words when she said that. I said "ok Sabrina, so first I saw you on the show girl meets world and your acting was impeccable and I was just became fan of you and the other cast in that series were also phenomenal, Rowan, Corey, Ben, Mehyer and all they just made the show a grand success. And then I searched about you on the internet and when I came to know you are a singer too, then I listened to your first song,

eyes wide open,

and that touched my heart and your voice was so impressive and soothing, and you are my motivation for singing as now I have my own band at my college." She said "I'm so glad to know that." "Basically I was on a world tour so, this time I just want to visit India, one of the prominent and a country of cultures." I said "yes Sabrina and I would say it is one country where you can see all sorts of cultures and religions living in one place with harmony." She asked then where should we go, I heard of India gate a lot, can we go there." I said "why not but it is beautiful to visit Delhi at night, it will be so mesmerizing." I suggested her, "Why can't we go to a cafe and spend time there....." She said "yes, of course I also want to take the taste of India." We went to some local restaurant and we ordered a tea there. I said, "Sabrina this is one of the best tea stall in Delhi as they offer a world famous '

Matka chai' ,

it is delicious have one." She asked "Thank you so much Gyani, by the way what does it mean, M

athk chai?"

I laughed out loud and said it's

Matka chai,

and it's just nothing, they make this in the pot with a creamy flavour and you can see that." I took her close to the stall and showed her the way they make tea. She was really surprised to see the way, the person made tea by pouring it from a far away and boiling it in such a way it brings out that smoky flavour in it. We then sat there and drank tea, she liked it a lot and praised the shopkeeper for his efforts in making such a delicious thing. We left the place and thought of going to the hotel where she was with her aunt. I was in doubt, which I just asked "You are so big celebrity, how people didn't identified you, and didn't you kept any body guards for you?" She said "Don't worry Gyani, it happens with many celebrities, people don't recognize them until they see them in any concert or any programme. And about body guards they always keep an eye on me but from a distant I only told them to have some personal shopping so they don't bother me." By showing a white car which was following us, she said "you see that car, they are my body guards only, they are always behind me don't worry." She laughed. I asked "do you have a concert here?" She said "yes, I do tomorrow night...." "And you said you sing right?" I said "yes, but not as good as you." She then asked me to sing, I was nervous but I sang, I sang

eyes wide open

and unexpectedly she liked my voice, she said, "you are so good Gyani, why didn't you got featured till now, any way we were searching for a male voice for my concert of tomorrow and I would like to assign you for that, if you don't have any issues." I said "No Sabrina it will be a great opportunity for me to sing with you. We reached the hotel where their team was residing, I met their top guitarist and a key board player, she also introduced me to their drummer, who was one of the best in U.S. We then went on to meet their manager who was organising the concert for tomorrow. The moment he listened my voice he agreed to keep me as a male vocal in their band and he was surprised to see such a talent. Then I was also introduced to her aunt with which she share her room. I was told to share the room with that drummer and I was quite nervous, but Jack his name; made it so comfortable for me to reside there. That night we went to India Gate and

kutubh minar

which were worth watching. We enjoyed a lot, sang song and the whole band was so cooperative with a stranger like me. But we all became friends just in a day. We returned to our hotel and when it came to sleep jack and I talked for late night and shared many a things we also were discussing for next day's concert. That day I slept with a nice dream, me singing in a concert. Next day we woke up by 8.00a.m. and freshed ourselves up and jack gave his new dress to me to wear I thanked him. I was taking money out to pay, but he refused to take it and said, "take it as a gift from me." Then we set our journey to the concert by 12.00 noon. And it took an hour for us to reach there. We had our lunch there in a restaurant and took some rest there. We then started preparing for concert and also had a rehearsal. It was night 8.00p.m. and the time has arrived for me to sing. Our band had a proper experience with this but it was first time for me in front of such a huge crowd. The whole band came to me, Sabrina comforted me and said,"I have faith in you, you gonna rock this, Gyani" and I was then gathering some confidence got ready for the concert. The time came, music started, the announcement came introducing Sabrina Carpenter, the crowd was welcoming her with cheers. And then my name was also called but this time the shouts decreased, maybe they don't know my name but I didn't lost my confidence and went on to stage to sing. Sabrina sang her verse and now it was my time, I started and the crowd became mad they increased their cheers and started singing with me, that gave me a lot of confidence and From myself I gave my best. After the concert people were crowding near us for autographs and that was my first time that somebody was asking me for an autograph. I was so delighted. I thanked them all, they said, "we should thank you for making this a grand success. ". The manager came there and hugged me and said "want to become a member?" I couldn't say anything. And now I became the member of that band

Sabrina Carpenter.

And I was so happy and was unable to express my feeling how I felt after that day. That day just changed my life and gave me an opportunity to lead a loving life which I wanted to be.

And that's why that day was worth remembering for me.

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