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aruna kumari
A school teacher with a view to see good in the society and people.
aruna kumari
Light House
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The lights went off. Urmila was in search of a candle. She was busy teaching her son for his exam and started cursing the situation. After all the work she stood at the window watching the moonlight . The peaceful night and the silence engrossed her into so many thoughts going past and future . Suddenly a flash of light brought her to the present ,she looked at the far off light house .She smiled at her self realising life symbolising the light house , light and darkness going together as day and night The next morning she got up with the rush of work ,breakfast ,lunch ,getting ready,seeing to her son , the only difference is doing all the work alone and in silence. As she walked to the bus stop , the thought that she had all relations , but that loneliness haunted her. Why? Urmila walked into the staff room ,now there was no more silence , shivali was shouting at the top of her voice insisting everyone to listen to her or she would scream. After a cup of tea , Urmila walked into class 9, the children had silently stood, no one had the desire to wish, it was a part of her routine, she no more bothered to explain or expect. It made no sense teaching to respect , unfortunately the media has made the teacher a comic figure and the parent made it a paid concept. That evening she was called by an old friend of hers , she hesitated to pick the phone thinking of the pile of report cards in front of her. She was disturbed by the system of giving grades and the amount of writing by the teacher. She recollected the resignation of the maths teacher who could not with stand the insensible system and the outbursts of the management. Hence she wanted tolerance for which the phone was not the priority but she sat in silence to meditate. She got up with the flash of the light house on the window and a knock at the door. The light house was an answer to her every thought , action... it answered all her doubts, clarified her feelings ..........man, woman, child, animal, action, thought,the world, everything had two sides...light and darkness....going on and off...knowledge decreases or increases the intensity of everything ...it is the choice ..that decides.

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