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Narendra babu
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Historical Fiction. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since 22nd November 2021.
Narendra babu
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LONELINESS. Many depression lot who chose Suicides as the remedy to end Gods Creation are affected by a Calamiry called LONELINESS. In the Locales of Hyderabad City, there was a Building named after Mother Teresa Foundation which was decorated with colourful lightening added with Musical Choirs. The inmates were seen clapping, few dancing and others joining them. In the midst of them a 60 year old man Ramesh Babu enjoying the Ambience. Mother Teresa Foundation was meant to enroll middle aged men living lonely with no supportive aids called Family. The Party went on whole night welcoming New Year. Ramesh babu was happy on seeing all inmates enjoying ambience of Mother Teresa Foundation, Tears rolled down his cheeks brooding at one end watched the Happiness blossom in the house on other side recollected his past. You have many remedies to defeat the battle against Loneliness, but a minutes thinking by affected before taking a drastic step can save their Lives. This is a Story of a 49 Year old Ramesh babu a middle aged man who having everything felt nothing in store for him and mocks his own talent for being Alone. Ramesh babu lives a bachelor Life after being divorced from his Wife Asha, he had no issues, I mean no children. . Ramesh had no friends as all of them fully settled abroad . His Parents passed away a decade back. Sitting alone in a PG Accomidation for men used to sit on the Terrace of building and brood talking to himself "why am I earning to whom shall I save, with none around me" saying he moved towards the right corner of building planning to jump from there to end his life, but he had no courage and the drooping sweat around his neck proved he was not daring. In the Nights Loneliness attacked him a lot, he tried reaching out to his Office colleagues,but none answered his call as they were preoccuipied with their family lives. Ramesh babu tried Liquor at nights to keep away from recollecting his bitter moments, but the taste of liquor never pleased him nor he was an addict to relish it's abnormal taste. He Vomited and laid on the floor of his room in an Inhebriated condition. Even in the Office he was depressed on Smiling faces of his colleagues sharing a holiday plan. Ramesh slowly moved towards them and in a dusky tone "Can I have a privilege to join you all" and looked at them but none of them replied and looked busy attending to their work. Ramesh looked perplexed and emotional at their behaviour . He even had his supper alone as all his colleagues were youngsters cracking jokes and relishing their food. Rameshbabu cried to himself at his State inconsolably in the washroom and washed his face with water to clean away tear jerkey face. Ramesh babu only Solace was news paper, once going through Classifieds, he found a Column Wanted Partners to defeat Loneliness. This thought striked Ramesh babu looked some idea enlightened him. Ramesh babu left his PG Accomodation took a 2 bedroom independent Accomidation and posted an Advertisement LOOKING FOR PERMANENT MALE PARTNERS in sharing Accomodation . Ramesh babu never received any response for 2 days but on 3rd day he received many applications, he screened 4 and chose them and they were employed at renowned Companies but with lonely life. 2 Bed room house became 6 and multiplied. Now all inmates in the house decided to share their income and constructed a building under leadership of Rameshbabu and was named MOTHER TERESA FOUNDATION. Every evening they enjoyed each other company cooking their recipes, few singing favorite numbers to entertain those cooking, and in week ends parties with entertaining enigma that included indoor games , some relishing their drinks and others dancing to beats of hit chart busters and this went in for years . Ramesh babu recollecting the past was in tears the inmates lifted him up in celebration and honoring them for having cured them of a disease called Lineliness SO DON'T LOOSE HOPE BEING LONELY, YOU HAVE A SAVIOUR LIKE MOTHER TERESA FOUNDATION EVERY WHERE. BY NARENDRA BABU

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