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I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Comedy, Lyrics, Travelogue. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 13, 2020.
"The invisible hands of God"
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LOST AND FOUND Deep down from my memory,I remember an incident that occurred when I was a kid.As children,me and my little brother liked to spend most of our time in the nearby park.On one such fine evening we planned to go there along with our father.My mother didn't accompany us since she was busy with the household.At that time,I was very fond of swinging like most of the children will like to.When it began to dark I started to throw a tantrum for sitting on the swing.I was standing in a long queue. Few seconds later when I turned I was shocked to see that my brother and Father had disappeared in a jiffy.I started to panic,since I was not able to find my father and I was not aware of the shirt my father wore.I started to wander the park like a lost lamb. Because I was lucky, I felt the need to ask a nearby family,whom I later realised that they were my Grandfather's neighbour.The kind man quickly contacted my father by enquiring the number.My Mother who was at home was very scared since she thought of the possibility of me getting lost as it was getting dark. Eventually,my father and brother emerged in the scene.My father was very thankful to the family for helping me.My father later explained, that he had informed me to stand there itself and wait for my turn,I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't pay attention to that.He was also surprised by the fact that being a small child, I was able to remember his number.From then on I learnt the fact that we should pay attention to what our elders tell and to follow their directions otherwise we will endup in troublesome situations. Aashitha.R.Prabhu,1st year BA English Literature And Communication studies St Teresas college Autonomous(Kochi)

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