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Bhargavi Mc
Writing has been my favorite past time ever since i was a kid, i may not be good at it, yet I love doing it.... Hope you like my writing... I have a blog in word press.. with the following urllonelyheart2494.wordpress.com and lonelyheartpoems.wordpress.comHope you would love them too... :)
Bhargavi Mc
She loves Him...
When did she fall in love????
  11 Mins Read

When did she fall in love? Heart breaks are never easy and this one was no different. She was lost for days in the misery of rejection. A rejection not after a proposal, a rejection not from an crush. A rejection she herself would have laughed at just a year ago. Even knowing the fact that he wouldn’t call anymore when the clock struck one, with the sun above her head. She constantly looked at her phone. It was a habit she developed with every routine call he hadn’t missed for years. Hanger had seemed nothing to do to pull her,  to the box of delight her mom packed but it was the alarm that failed to ring for sixty odd days. The clock stuck five past one, tummy grumbled with hunger, yet her heart was waiting for the alarm that would never again ring. The phone that rang with a call for lunch from a friend that was not him pulled her sense to the present. Putting a smile that hid the pain, she seemed to make the world believe happiness is the gift she was blessed with. As she stood in the same corridors where his smile welcomed her every day for years at the same exact time, she peeped into his work place hoping to just get a glimpse of his smile that calmed her heart. With a random conversation she turned to the other side, as the conversation ended and she turned back again her eyes met his. The heart beats raised the world seemed to be frozen right in front of her eyes. The panic attack that struck again made her fell like death that approached. Closing her eyes she prayed for him to speak just once, she cried deep down with in her heart. Then when her eyes opened he was gone, vanished in thin air. Was her mistake that bad she questioned with in herself, the mind debated “caring for someone you love is not a sin?” Yet the heart silenced with the pain it had witnessed within his eyes. She ran to the roof of the thirteen floor building. Took a white board marker beside the white board and started to scribble the words her mind couldn’t find the answer to; “When did you fall in love with your best friend?” She closed her eyes and travelled to the first day she ever met him; The beard on a boy, the boy she was least interested in sitting beside her as she shared her first meal with him. An introduction he presented was forgotten with her next bite. Few days that passed seemed to have erased his introduction, but then when her close mate Ashu walked with him to the cafeteria and introduced him to everyone once again saying “he would share the lunch time with us”. He was a person she was least interested to welcome, not to offend him but he was the least of least men she would have thought to find interest in. Days that passed created a place for him in her life. The lunch breaks, the routine call at one pm, the tea breaks in evening she shared with him and Ashu was the most treasured memories for her. There was nothing that they couldn’t talk about, form the childish jokes to serious world problems and never the less the dirty jokes that thought those double meaning. Opening her eyes she questioned was that when she fell in love?  “Ashu he likes you, that’s the reason he hangs out with us give him your lone time. Leave me alone to work.” her words from past hit the fact she had no feelings for her. It was the least of interest for her to hang out him then. Looking down, she noticed a black jacket worn by a person who seemed to look like an ant from 13th floor. She again got on the time machine of memories to the day he purchased his black jacket that he wears even today. He asked her to try the jacket before he could try on. Seemed like she wearing it made it special for him somehow! Was that importance he presented that made her fall in love? The obsession she had for her high school sweetheart those days made it clear she was not in love with him then. Still unable to know when she fell in love with him? she cried looking into photos in her gallery and that pic of a coffee mug! Reminded her of the

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