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I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Drama, Fiction, Folklore, Historical Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Romance, Social Commentary, Spiritual. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since January 25, 2022.
Gay love
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                                 He  was crying from his heart, quietly .Tears were dripping from his eyes , non-stop. He had been crying continuously since evening, it was about to become night. His eyes had turned red. One was already a *dark phase* in his life, the darkness of night was yet to come. He was thinking continuously, thinking about that *wretched*  moment again and again. He was *remorseful* as to why he had told all this to his mother. The same thing was being eaten again and again from inside him. He wanted to go back to his past and change those wretched moments. But where was all this possible in real life? His mother had beaten him a lot. The words spoken by the mother were *echoing*  in his ears again and again.                                    " For this day you were raised, taught in a good school and college ?   Your father passed away *two years* after your birth. .....How difficult was it to live in this kind of dirty society , taking care of you , alone  and to manage everything !   Why didn't I die then, *God* would have lifted me too.                 How many *dreams* did your father have about you, but you destroyed everything in a single moment. " These things were stinging him like a *scorpion* from inside ...again and again . On the other hand, the condition of his mother was also not worth seeing. She too was crying sitting in her room.                She was thinking in her mind ......         " I have taught so many children, I have contributed in making the future of so many children. Numerous students to whom I taught..... become engineers , doctors?         How did my own son get out of my hands?" She was being  *swallowed up*  from inside the moment her son told her that      HE IS GAY. Hearing this , She was so angry that she had beaten her son a lot. Shouting loudly on her son . Would have become an engineer, would have become a doctor, teacher .you had to become GAY ? Would have taken care of the honor of the house a little, would have thought only a little about the father .        You should not feel ashamed while thinking and saying all this to me , you have killed me while alive, *Vijay* ( name of son) . 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁              Many things were going in the minds of both mother and son. wretched moments destroyed their happy life .           The son was thinking about why he told this to his mother . The mother was thinking that someone's evil eye had caught the *happiness* of their house.                    Immersed in all these things, the night of both of them passed with great difficulty . In the morning. mother says to her son ,         "  Forgive me Vijay....I want your well being only  ...... I hit you a lot , last evening and said so many bad things too.... forget what happened........we start a new beginning from today .... I know one BABA " YAHYA "   to remove the impurity of the house, along with that .......     the impurity of your mind will also go away. YAHYA came......In real , he was just *hypocrite BABA*.... nothing more than that  ............. He used different mantras......       Jal tu Jalal tu.....ayi Bala To taal Tu..... Jal tu jalal tuu............u.          Incense sticks were also lit. The whole house was filled with smoke and sounds of different mantras.           " Go out of our house BABA JI .......what nonsense is going here ......   nothing happened to me ............ I'm alright........ . mother, you are well educated, yet you are caught in the tangle of these superstitions. BABA left in anger........saying .....There is a shadow over it , it is an evil spirit........save your child, you still have time.....Evil spirit will not leave your child, the happiness of your home will be swallowed up.......swallowed up. 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 Later ............. Dear mom……….. just told you the real thing... …..All this has been going on for the last 6 years, I LIKE BOYS , NOT GIRLS.                 Vijay , this disease has been with you for the last 6 years, why didn't you tell me then....?           It's not a disease, mom . I will prove to you, this is a disease ,vijay. *Dark Peace*  has prevailed in the house now. There is no happiness as before.               Vijay now used to talk less and remain silent . His mother was noticing this....            " No mother can see her son sad like this. Mother's heart is like wax, it melts very quickly for her son." 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 The next few days passed……..... One Sunday's evening , Vijay's mother conducts a search on the Google  - Homosexuality. Have read a lot about it on the internet........                 Then there is a *new gleam* in her eyes, it seems as if she was not feeling so bad about her son........   🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 Then the Next Day in the Evening......                      *Manju*  who lives in the neighbourhood, comes to their house.. Where is Vijay?           Meena ( Vijay's mother ) ......You.......listen to me by coming here, I tell you the actions of your son……….Vijay crossed the limit.           Why, what did my son do?   I saw him with my own eyes with a boy behind the temple.             You know, what was he doing there? I'm ashamed to speak, both of them were sitting there with arms in each other's arms, at first I did not pay much attention. But later the limit was reached, both were *kissing*  each other…….. I just closed my eyes……. I could not see all this.         Vijay was also listening this ,  standing near to his room ...his head was down .......only God knows what he was thinking at this moment.....how bad he was feeling.   He came near to his mother…….......           " God swear , mom ( pinches his throat with fingers) , I went to meet *Raghav* for the last time. He was very much insistent on meeting me. ."          Vijay's mother , who was still listening calmly, starts speaking........               Manju, listen to me, whether you like it or not.         "   My SON IS GAY ……...HE IS GAY …...He likes boys , not girls …….But that doesn't mean that my love for my son will diminish…..."      He had already told this to me…….... It was me who remained illiterate even after being educated.         Love is love, no matter what it is. I accept my son as he is............             Now ,  there was a smile on Vijay's face and a new gleam in his eyes.                    Meena , what are you saying, you........? Had Vijay's father been alive today, he would have lost his respect.           Manju , if Vijay 's  father was alive today, he too would have thought only about the *happiness* of his son.          My happiness lies in the happiness of my son.           But Meena takes care of our culture a little bit....Looks like meena, along with Vijay , your wisdom also went to graze the grass.         Culture..........Manju, all this is already in our culture. Have you heard about the temples of Khajuraho ?                🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁         Being GAY is not a crime in our culture. It was the British who came and went by making laws........... They have legalized the marriages of LGBTQ community there and here in India we do not accept our children..........even.              Meena……..I don't mind it, it's your personal matter…...My job was to inform you. Further your wish, you are more educated than me.              Mother and son looked at each other, both had smiles on their faces. It was as if the mother was beginning to understand the feeling of her son.            Just then someone's call came on Vijay's phone………..Sweetheart Raghav ❤️ appeared on the screen of the phone.                  💟❤️💟❤️💟❤️💟       " There's nothing wrong with YOU , there is a lot wrong with the WORLD YOU live in ."                                     -  by Curis Colfer Parth ❤️

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