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Anns Maria
I primarily read Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Fiction, Love, Mythology, Romance, Thriller stories and poetry in english. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 19, 2020.
Anns Maria
Memories Of a Journey
The memories we make with our family is everything
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So, This Happened when I was 12 years old. It was the summer holidays and my entire family was going on a trip. Actually, it was a marriage function. My mother’s cousin was getting married and they lived at a place called Kadur, which was in Karnataka. So we decided that since we all are going that far why don’t we also visit major tourist places there. So we packed everything for a week. And when I said my entire family it not only includes my mom, dad, brother and ammama. It also includes my mother’s brother and sister along with their family, and some of my mother’s cousins along with their family and my grandpa and grandma along with some other elderly people. So, In short, there were close to 35 people. Among these, more than 15 were kids which included a baby of 2 years. I was the oldest one. So you can imagine how frenzied and manic we were!!!! Just think about a dozen of little monkeys running wildly everywhere. We were exactly like that .What could we do we were just so excited!!! I think this is what happens when more than a dozen of 8 and 10 years old are left together. From Huge fights for window seats to tantrums on whose orange was more beautiful, there was everything. So it was not at all surprising that our parents were hectic trying to manage all of us along with the entire luggage. Now let’s get back to the journey. Since kadur was in a secluded area in Karnataka, we had to take another train from Bangalore. It got so delayed that we took 2 days to reach our destination instead of one. By the time we reached there all adults were very exhausted while we were being our little monkey selves. We reached kadur by 7.00 PM and our relatives were there to welcome us. Along with them, we went to a hotel where we had already booked rooms and began to settle. All the children were ushered to one room where all stayed together while the adults were settling luggage and all. I Think that there was some confusion regarding the rooms booked. That’s when it happened. My mom was staying in the room with us when all the other adults were settling in the other rooms. Since there were so many children adults always made sure to count down the children often. So like usual, my mom began counting. That’s when everything went south. Instead of 15, my mom discovered that there were only 14 children. We came into realization ‘Appu’ was missing!!! The next thing that I remember was my mother’s scream for help.                                                                                             I haven’t told you guys about Appu right? His original name is Aldrin John but we all call him Appu. He was 1 year younger than me and was renowned as the ‘trouble maker’ of the family. He was very naughty and his mischiefs usually granted him a visit to the hospital. His mischiefs varied from drinking Dettol when no one was looking to jumping from the balcony trying to land on the top of a car parked below and the list goes on. There was one incident where he locked himself in an Almira while playing hide and seek and nearly suffocating. It was my aunt’s quick thinking that saved him but she had to tear down the Almira to do so. This was also not the first time he has wandered off. But he usually calls for help from someone’s phone. My uncle made sure that he knew at least 3 numbers that he could contact after the first time he wandered off So now you understand what a horrifying situation was that we found ourselves right. Not only was he missing in a completely unknown place where he didn’t know their language but he also had a knack for finding trouble. So my mom called everyone and they all began searching. My dad and other uncles began to search other hotel floors and retracing the path we took. Our room was a huge mess. Appu’s mother Reema aunty was crying so hard while others were trying to console her. And my grandma was alternating between crying and praying. That is, in short words, everything was so much chaos. All the other children were in Centre of all of this. Everyone was watching us with Hawk’s eyes scared that we will also wander off. Half an Hour passed but there was still no sign of him. With each second passing we became more and more worried. Then suddenly we heard my mother’s shout from the bathroom. We all rushed in there to see what was happening. But what I saw was nothing that I expected. There we saw Appu in all his glory sitting in toilet seat, curled up on himself and fast asleep. It will be an understatement that if I say that we were surprised. We were too stunned to move. To think that the person who we all were searching all over the places was actually sitting no ‘sleeping’ 10 feet away from us was actually kind of hilarious. But the relief that we felt then was immeasurable. We woke him up screaming his name. What apparently  happened was simple .When he went to the toilet ,he fell asleep sitting there. His mom and others were crying and laughing at the same time. We called back the search party and explained the situation to them. And Appu who was the core of all these problems went to sleep in his room as nothing happened.                                               The rest of our journey went rather smooth .We all attended the wedding. And it was very different from our culture. After the wedding, we all visited tourist places in Mysore and Bangalore. Even though we visited many monuments the thing that I remember the most is the look on Appu’s face when he found out that he was in fact sitting in a toilet seat and we all the women were surrounding him with our mouth open. The expression on his face was hilarious!!!! We still tease him about that. But what I don’t understand was these – How did he manage to fall asleep in such a bizarre position and How did he manage to sleep through all those chaos and screams. It still remains  a mystery to me…….It was one of the trips that I will never forget!!!!!! ANNS MARIA T M PHYSICS DEPARTMENT ST. TERESA'S COLLEGE, ERNAKULAM

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