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I write Prose in english. My work is in Comedy, Crime, Thriller, love genres. I write both stories and series. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since January 1, 2021.
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MEN IN BLOOD PART-II Somewhere else in the city, both the women bring the principal into the same godown containing NAIRA in the right corner and KRISHNA with some dead bodies in the left corner, the killer chained him to the wall and left the place pulling the hippie out with her both of them start an argument saying, KILLER questions, "WHY DID YOU TRY TO BRIBE THE PRINCIPAL? WE COULD GET CAUGHT IF THE ADMIN WOULD REACH THERE FIVE MINUTES EARLY OR I WOULD REACH FIVE MINUTES LATE." HIPPIE replies, "YOU ARE NOT GIVING ME MONEY ANYWAYS, I GOT THIS IDEA OF BRIBING HIM AND EARNING CRORES OF RUPEES IN A MOMENT." KILLER says, "DON'T KILL MY PLAN, I CAN'T LEAVE THIS PSYCHO KILLING HABIT OF MINE AND SIT IN THE JAIL WITH YOU, I AM REQUESTING YOU, I WILL PAY HOW MUCH EVER YOU WANT, DON'T REPEAT THIS MESS AGAIN." HIPPIE replies, "OKAY, PAY ME AFTER YOU DECIDED TO KILL YOUR LOVE KRISHNA." She leaves the place after saying this but JANAKI, the psycho killer, the woman who loves the pain in a man's eyes gets hurt and starts remembering her past, her college days when she fell in love with her senior KRISHNA RAO, she couldn't express her love as he left the college in between because of his mom's business. After this she grew up in a bad relationship with her boyfriend who was interested in her body than her love, care or affection, he used to force her to make out with him besides her "NO" a lot of times. One night, he climbed up to her window after having a bottle of beer and tried to rape her which made her hit him with a lamp beside her bed all of a sudden which killed him on the spot with blood dripping from his head on the ground, seeing this she hit him again and again in anger which made a part of her heart happy from that day she with a grudge on men in this society and for her happiness started this psycho killing mission. When KRISHNA came back in her life as her neighbour she without any delay confessed her love which was rejected by KRISHNA a while back saying, "I AM SORRY, I ALREDY HAVE SOMEONE IN MY LIFE." With that broken heart she forced the hippie, her partner in crime to inject the drug into him on that Saturday and kidnap him. She

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