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I write Prose in english. My work is in Comedy, Crime, Thriller, love genres. I write both stories and series. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since January 1, 2021.
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The curtains of a room in a house opened by MRS SHARMA annoyed NAIRA early in the morning, she was forced to get up, brush, get ready for the first day of her college. She walked down the floor towards a noisy breakfast table with her cousins, their parents, her grandparents, her dad and her mom eating together in a rush to leave the house for their respective office and schools. NAIRA adjusting her beautiful blue saree enters the huge college gate of ST MARY'S COLLEGE, she walked in guided by the navigation boards there, she entered the hall with a stage, many chairs, a cute little chandelier on top and a board of 'WELCOME FRESHERS' written near the door. Students kept entering the hall and finally the host of the event, the english professor MRS APPROVA SHA, starts introducing the staff of the college to the freshers. There were only twenty new freshers this year under the science department as the college was in the recent news because of the allegations of drug usage by some rich kids and involvement of some professors in the case as well. The twenty freshers were invited on the stage, they were introduced by the host to their teachers and even were given two minutes to describe themselves. After this session all the students were guided towards their respective classrooms and had to attend three classes for a half day. NAIRA got to know her classmates and her professors. They had Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Tired and sleepy NAIRA directly lands on her bed after a plate full of dinner at night. Some where within the city, a person with a hoodie and a joker mask covering her forehead and cheeks, in a godown with some cars around and a man locked with handcuffs attached to a wall there in a corner with some blood on his face. The masked person enters the place, starts slapping the man there, kisses him, molest him and stabs him between his thighs, takes a bath in a washroom there to clear all the blood on the body, legs, hands, face... and walked away leaving the body there itself. NAIRA follows her routine life in the college and stays for the study hour there in the evening as usual after the college hours in the library to study for her semester exams as her house was full of people everywhere. A conversation started after a while when her Biology professor saw her siting there and asked, "HEY GIRL, I THINK ITS TOO LATE, THE CLOCK IS HITTING 8 PM, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" NAIRA answers, "SIR, I AM STUDING FOR THE UPCOMING EXAMS WHICH I CAN'T DO AT MY PLACE AS I LIVE WITH A JOINT CHAOTIC FAMILY." Both of them get to know each other, they even discuss the subject and he even dropped NAIRA safely at her place after her preparation was done for the day. KRISHNA SIR, the biology professor with a huge smile on his face drived back to his place and had a peaceful night. After the semester end exams, one day PROFESSOR, MR KRISHNA asked NAIRA to accompany him to a bookstore three kilometres away from her place. She knew him for nearly six months so went with him, they found their books after searching a lot, had a cup of coffee downstairs at a cafe and started driving back in the evening at 7 pm but the sky was so dark as if it was going

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