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Nuzhah Parveen
St Teresa’s college,Ernakulam,bcom tax regular
Nuzhah Parveen
merry Christmas
happy n warm Christmas 🎄
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It was a cold winter night my mom had just served us dinner and my dad was reading his book near the warm fireplace.After the dinner me n my brother nik went to our cozy couch n wrapped our sweater around us ‘.John come get urself a book to read ‘told my dad to me .I had no interest in reading I asked my dad to tell me and nik a story instead .my dad told a story about a poor family who had no food n sweaters to survive the cold winter season .They were sad hungry n cold .the younger one of their family always waited for Santa to come n help then n bring them gifts .one day a man was passing by their home n saw how bad their condition was he wanted to help them .Next day this man went shopping bought them sweaters,food ,candles n many other gifts .The present night he went n kept all those gifts in the door step n left a note which said ‘MERRY CHRISTMAS...from Santa’.Everyone in their family were so happy n enjoyed Christmas just like others did .Hearing this story me n nik decided to be the secret Santa for all those who are wishing for a happy and warm Christmas ❤️

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