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Bojja Rahul Reddy
My Story Starts Where Reality Ends www.bojjarahul.com అదృష్టమంతవైనవి నా ఊహలు.. గాలి గీతల చెరసాల లో బందీలు కావు.. పరిధులు లేని విశ్వం లో పక్షులై విహరిస్తుంటాయి.
Bojja Rahul Reddy
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Interviewer : Are you an android developer ? Me : Yes. Interviewer : which app did you develop ? Me : Very popular 'Mirror' app. 100k downloads. Interviewer : nice. what does it do ? Me : when you launch this app, it opens selfie cam. you can use it as a real mirror. ( interviewer shocks ) Me : I am also building one new feature for this app. Interviewer : what is it ? Me : It will detect ghosts. Interviewer : really ? how ? Me : I don't believe in ghosts. So I'm hard coding it to 'No Ghosts Around' for now. (interviewer leaves the room in silence)

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