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I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Folklore, Historical Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics, Mythology, Plays, Romance, Social Commentary, Spiritual, Thriller, Travelogue, Feminist Lit. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since May 4, 2020.
Kahaniya English
Mrs Fox
fairytales by Grimm brothers
  3 Mins Read

Mrs. Fox I ~fairytales by Grimm Brothers Once upon a time there was an old fox with nine tails. Since he wanted to know how faithful his wife was, he stretched himself out beneath the bench and pretended to be as dead as a door mouse. Then his wife, Mrs. Fox, went upstairs into her room and locked the door. Her maid, the cat, was sitting on the hearth and cooking. When it became known now that the old fox had died, there was a knocking at the door: “What are you doing, my fine maiden cat? Are you awake? Where are you at?” The cat went to the door and opened it. A young fox stood outside. “I’m not sleeping. I’m awake. I’m cooking warm beer and a butter cake. Would the gentlemen like to be my guest?” “No, thank you. But what is Mrs. Fox doing?” “Mrs. Fox sits up in her room until it’s late and yammers all about her fate. She weeps until her eyes are silky red all because Mr. Fox is dead.” “Well, tell her a young fox is here who’d like to court her.” So the cat went up to the stairs, trippety- trap. Mrs. Fox She opened the door, clippety- clap. “Mrs. Fox, are you there?” “Yes, my little cat, I’m here.” “There’s a young fox outside who wants to court you.” And Mrs. Fox said to her: “My child, what’s he look like to you? Does he also have nine so bushy tails like blessed Mr. Fox?” “Oh, no, he only has one tail.” “Then I don’t want him.” So the cat went down the stairs and sent the suitor away. Soon after there was another knocking at the door, and it was another fox that had two tails, and the same thing happened to him that happened to the first fox. Afterward others came with more tails than the previous fox until a suitor came with nine tails. Now Mrs. Fox said to the cat: “Open the door and gate quite wide and drag old Mr. Fox outside!” But when they were just about to hold the wedding, old Mr. Fox reappeared. Within seconds he threw the entire crowd out of the house and chased Mrs. Fox away. Mrs. Fox II Old Mr. Fox died, and a suitor, a wolf, came to the door and knocked: “Good day, Miss Cat von Kehrewitz. How come you’re sitting there alone What are you making, it smells so good?” Cat: “I’m making porridge out of milk and bread Does the gentleman desire now to be fed?” Wolf: “No, thanks. Is Mrs. Fox at home?” Cat: “She sits up in her room until it’s late and yammers all about her hard cruel fate. She weeps about her misery until her eyes are silky red, all because Mr. Fox is dead.” Wolf: “If she wants to have another husband now, tell her I’m here and have her come down.” So the cat ran up the stairs to find her way through hallway after hallway, until she came to a very large room packed full of things, where she knocked on the door with her five golden rings: “Mrs. Fox are you inside? If you want a husband right now, then you should come down, please come down.” Mrs. Fox: “Is the gentleman wearing red pants and does he have a pointed mouth?” Cat: “No.” Mrs. Fox: “Then he’s of no use to me.” Now the wolf was rejected, and afterward a dog came, and he was treated the same way. Then came a moose, a rabbit, a bear, a lion, and all the animals of the forest. But they were all lacking something that the old fox had possessed, and the cat had to send them all away. Finally, a young fox came. Mrs. Fox: “Is the gentleman wearing red pants and does he have a pointed mouth?” Cat: “Yes.” Mrs. Fox: “Well then, let him come up. But first clean the room, and throw Mr. Fox out the window! He brought many a fat mouse into the house but ate them alone, the nasty old louse, he never gave me one to eat in this house.” Now the wedding was held, and they danced, and if they haven’t stopped dancing, then they are still dancing.

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