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preethi sharma
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are . I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since 7th February 2022.
preethi sharma
The Ant Who Dint Give Up
Never Give up
  1 Mins Read

Long ago there lived a colony of ants. It was a huge colony and hundreds of ants lived together in happiness, they helped each other in their work and hence their colony grew and grew. Then one day it rained heavily, the rainwater entered their houses. Sam: Oh no we are doomed, the water is entering all our houses(Scared ants running here and there in hurry shouting my babies run away) Kein: I'm not coming with you Sam there's no way out there. There is water on the ground. Sam: What can we do there is no option left. Kein: We are surely gonna drown. Sam: No option left buddy. Kein: I feel a cold weapon shortage. I am not giving up. Sam: Do what you like then. I am leaving with others. Kein: Oh my poor friends(said sadly). Meanwhile, Kein climbs the tree and by his hard work he plucked a leaf, he lied down on it and jumped into the water. As we know leaf does not drown in the water it floats. Kein: If my friends have not given up they would have been with me today.


: Giving up can never help anybody. You must carry on till the last moment. Thanks for reading and yeah never give up how hard the situation may be fight till the last moment and definitely you will succeed.

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