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Hrithika R
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Love, Romance, Social Commentary, Thriller, Feminist Lit. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 12, 2020.
Hrithika R
Pills of Innocence
A tale of greed
  2 Mins Read

Who doesn't like the tangy yet sweet taste that comes with homeo pills? Those microscopic, white balls that stick to each other like thermocol, have a taste of their own. Kudos to the homeo doctors who give a free can of pills just for its taste! As a 4 year old and a regular consumer of homeo pills (thanks to my flattering immunity), I was vehemently in love with those tiny balls of homeo pills. Little did I know that I would go above and beyond to get one in my hands! The opportune moment came one night when I was home playing with my cousins and little brother. I was pushing my brother in our tricycle absolutely unaware of what was going to happen in a few seconds. That's when I noticed a perfectly rounded, white object lying on the ironing table, tempting me with its uncanny resemblance to a homeo pill (though a bitarger than usual). Overwhelmed by the greed to have a homeo pill all to myself, I didn't think twice before putting it into my mouth. That's when terror struck. The 'pill' didn't taste as good as a homeo pill. The tanginess was amiss and it was more watery than usual. I knew something was wrong and rushed to my mother. If Krishna's mother saw the whole universe when she peered into Krishna's mouth, my horror-stricken mother saw a gooey mess of eggshells and blood. Yuck! What followed was a blur of frantic activity. My mother rushed me towards the washbasin and dug into my mouth to claw out any remnants of what was once a lizard's egg. A lizard's egg! The last I remember of that incident is my mother vigorously brushing my teeth with my Barbie toothbrush. Perhaps this explains my undying fear towards lizards and snakes and not to mention the harrowing image that flashes by when I take my dose of homeo pills.

Hrithika R

II BA English Literature St Teresa's College

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