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rajesh mohan
rajesh mohan
Poor God
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He is so tired... Who?  Our God!  Nowadays, people believe in God more than ever. In olden days, the prayers were good to hear, like "God, please help our children, please help my husband" etc. Hearing these prayers, Gold helped them. This is why the old generation people lived more than us. Our old generation people used to bathe early in the morning and visited the shrines with reverence. Now, there is a slight change in everything, especially in prayers. The devotees increased, and atheists decreased. God sighed. How can he hear all the prayers at the same time?  Before the last month, the most heard prayer was this. "Please God....give me the ticket of 'Baahubali' on the first day". How can he do that? The theatres were less.  And so many prayers like these were confusing him. "Please God...don't let the girl I raped reveal my name to the police"...."Don't let anyone know that I bribed"...."Don't let the servant reveal anything to my wife"....."When I go to the jail.. I want a full range for my Jio sim"....."Let my chair for my ministership last five years." After listening to all these, God is happy now thinking everybody wants him, and everybody is praying harder than ever. But one thing is sad that most of the prayers came from central jails.

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