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p Abhishek
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Fiction, Folklore, Historical Fiction, Inspiration, Mythology, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since January 25, 2021.
p Abhishek
pride or self-respect
for children and others
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Once upon a time there lived a man named dhanapala.He was a very lame man, He insulted everyone in the village, and he always boasted about his wealth.All feared to say anything against him. In one accident he lost one of his legs,and had a wodden leg replaced, he always travelled in a palanquin. Once he was in agreat hurry and was going aside a field. He heard a melodious voice and urgently stopped there and suddenly the voice began to sing. He was thinking the song and refferd it as the happiest song he ever heard. He waited till the voice stopped. Then the voice stopped. He parked the palanquin and went to the direction where the voice came and went inside the field. There he found a sheperd named nandagopala.He was the singer of all the songs that dhanaoala heard.

Then dhanapala said to nandagopala like this" You are singing miraculously please come to my house day after tomorrow and sing all the songs you know. If you sing well then I will reward you generously. After saying with these words nandagopala agreed joyfully. Then

dhanapala went his way. Nandagopala began to prepare very seriously and finally the awaited day came. Then nandagopala wore the best clothes he had and went to the dhanapalas home.There he saw many people in a such a big bunglow.

There he felt nervous, with each passing hour his heart was beating very fast. Then his name came and he went to the stage. He took a deep breath and started to sing all the songs he knew.All appreciated him. As per promise made by dhanapala he ordered a plate full of gold and clothes. But dhanapala didn't forget his manners and began to taunt nandagopala by saying like this I say that goddess Saraswati is blind because if she is not blind

then why wouldn't she stayed in the house of a poor shepherd.?Then nandagopala immediately responded by saying like this! What you say is true or not true I don't know but I know that godess of wealth lakshmi is blind because if she is not blind then why should she stayed in a lame man's house like you. To this all burst out laughing,Then dhanapala understood his mistake and car ed forgiveness to the one he insulted and he never insulted anyone...

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