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I always write to bring out the realities hidden around me. I love writing and listening to what people wanna share. Writing give me relief and I do continue that even if I'm not the best in it.
College day memory...
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A memorable day in my college life came to an end with a striking incident.... Waiting all the way under a speedy fan for long, still makes me sweat like anything. " Am I suffering from some serious illness...? Why am I sweating like this ???...", thoughts revolve in my mind. My mind is still wandering around something...or so many things that happened a few hours before. The silence of our college library was something which I really loved so much in my college, away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of our college, it was a peaceful place. Every few minutes, when I find myself free, I used to run into the library and find a place for myself among the books. The same happened today. I was into the middle of books to occupy my reservation there. All at a sudden, three of my college seniors came in and blocked

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