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kavi Ramya
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Mythology, Romance, Spiritual, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since October 7, 2020.
kavi Ramya
Sania's Travel Experiences
A Journey with Experience!
  6 Mins Read

"choo!! " whistled the train alerting the passengers on board that it is departing from the station to reach the destination.πŸš‚ All the passengers were delighted and kids whistled along with the train horn. Old-aged people were laughing at kids who were imitating the train horn sound and enjoying the journey. Passengers in the train started looking through the window enjoying the sight. "Hi! My name is Sania. May I know your name, little one?" asked Sania to a girl who was busily walking here and there trying to grab her attention. "Sister! My name is Aarna. Can you give me that soft toy key chain? It is so pretty. Can I play with it for a while?" asked the little girl lovingly with a broad smile. "Here you go, Sweetie pie!! But don't forget to return it to me with the same smile. Take it." said Sania and gave the key chain. "Hi! Thank you for giving Arna your key chain to play. I will see to it that she returns it soon and intact!" said Arna's mom, Abhinaya. "No problem, ma'am. At least she isn't using tabs like few children who are nowadays addicted to mobiles or tabs. I will wait. We have a good time to spend seeing nature. I am a traveler and I like to explore new places beyond my horizon" said Sania happily. Abhinaya: "Good to hear that. I am Abhinaya. And you?" Sania: I am Sania. Abhinaya: So, where are you traveling now? Sania: Bengaluru! Abhinaya: Nice. Did you visit earlier? Sania: Yes, since my sister stays there. Arna heard their conversation and said "Sania sister! Can you tell me which place is your favorite? I want to listen to that place. I will ask my mother to take me to that place. Even I like to go to new places." Abhinaya and Sania felt happy as the little girl wanted to learn something informative and gain qualitative knowledge about a place. "Sure!" said Sania and began describing her favorite place travel experiences. Sania: My favorite trip was to Agumbe. It is in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, India. Arna: Wow. Sania: Yes, Dear. Do you know there is a nickname for this place!! It is Chirapunji of South India. Also called Rain city. Arna: Nice!! Rain City. Just like Snow city. So, Agumbe has more rainfall. Sania: Yes, Arna. All places have the driest month right i.e. when there is no rain at all in a particular month. But here in this place, the driest month is considered February. In that month also, there will be rainfall with an average of 1 mm. "oh, nice. Then, schools will be closed and children have holidays there all the time!!" said Arna and gave a naughty smile to her mother. Sania: No, dear.  It is not like that. They do have schools. Arna: Oh ok, sister. Sania: Agumbe falls are pretty famous in Karnataka. The waterfall is a scenic view. There are many other waterfalls such as koodlu theertha falls, jogigundi falls nearby. They are eye captive that makes our mood elated. Do you know Arna?? There is a wildlife sanctuary near them, also called Someshwara wildlife sanctuary.  Arna: Waterfalls so many, wow. I will remember to see them. I will play, take photos, and what animals will be there in that sanctuary? (excitedly asked) Sania: Tiger, Leopard, Deer, and many more. King cobra snakes are preserved here. Here in Agumbe, approximately 500 people are living. Abhinaya: Oh. That means it is a village, Arna. Sania: Yes, it is a hill village. Malgudi days serial scenes were shot for few episodes here. It was directed by Shankar nag in 1985. Near to this Agumbe, there is a sunset viewpoint. On a fine evening, at times Sunset can be seen over the Arabian Sea. See this!! Abhinaya: Nice to see the view on your mobile. Yes, I read the novel "Malgudi Days" written by RK Narayan. Very nice point of view beautifully penned by him. Are there any other places close by to visit? Sania: Yes. Udupi where Lord Krishna's temple is very famous. It attracts a lot of pilgrims. According to legend, a devotee Kanakadasa who was a great worshipper of Lord Krishna was denied Krishna darshan in this temple. But he was so determined to see Lord that he prayed hard from outside itself which made Lord (Krishna's idol) turn towards him as Lord was impressed by his worship. Even now you can see a small hole formed on a wall that was formed earlier so that kanakadasa can get a glimpse of Lord Krishna. It is said that Krishna in idol form turned towards this devotee and gave a glimpse of him through this hole. Here it is!! Arna: Sister! Did you take this pic? Sania: No (laughed). Udupi Krishna's pic is not allowed to be taken by us in the temple. This is the photograph available on the net. I liked it and saved it on my mobile. Thanks to that person who shared this photograph. Abhinaya: Yes, we are also grateful to that person. We can see Lord Krishna on your mobile because of that personπŸ™πŸ™ Sania: The food in this place is fantastic and is very delicious. The temple committee organizes lunch every day where they serve prasadam like sambar rice, curry, and many more. Most of the food items are made with cow ghee. The aura even now is intact. Taste cannot be perfectly explained as there are no words to describe it. Even now I feel that taste lingering on my tongue whenever I remember that prasadam. Apart from this temple, there is a city named Mangalore nearby. It has beautiful beaches and it is a tourist spot. I had been to Malpe beach. There is also St. Mary's Island. Seas are always special for kids and women Arna. They hide a lot of surprise elements in them. They are also connected to us through emotions. I loved walking across the beach eating roasted peanuts wrapped in a paper cone on a sunny day. There were water rides which were constantly monitored by deep-sea divers to avoid any danger to the visitors and to keep a watch on people in and around the beach for safety purpose. I remember those bumpy rides when a professional rider takes us by making us sit behind him with a safety jacket. The water pours on us as he takes us into the sea. I felt thrilled and yelled so loud in the joy that I thought he would have gone deafened. When the waves touched my feet, they also touched my heart. I wished to stay there life long just sitting on the shore and watching the waves playing with me by approaching me and moving away from me. It was a soothing pleasure to my eyes. I love watching the Sea or Oceans. I felt like I got a warm hug from Mother Nature when I played with the waves. It is said so that by seeing and playing in the water, even elders become kids who don't bother about social status but just love to play wholeheartedly. Even I become a kid while playing with waves near the shore, shouting at it happily to come and catch me. Arna: Nice, sister. Mama, please take me also there. I want to enjoy and play with waves just like this Sister. Abhinaya: Sure, dear. We will plan this summer vacation. Sania: Can you give me your number if you don't mind? So that I can share with you all the details that may help you to plan a wonderful trip such as exact locations, accommodation facilities, trip approximate fare, etc., I have the guide's number too. In case if you feel you have missed something, you can take his help in person or call. Abhinaya: Sure. My phone number is 9**Γ—******. It was nice to meet you. Even we used to travel a lot before Arna was born but post that we reduced it due to her regular schedule and other activities. But still, we manage somehow to visit places during summer vacations or long holidays. Sania: Good to hear that. I always thought that post marriage and kids, people opt not to travel but you proved me wrong. Abhinaya: Yes. Some parents often visit places. It is just about our will, passion to travel, budget, and support from the family. It is all in our minds. If we decide, then we can. Arna: Yes. Mama takes me to new places every summer. I like it. In return, she asks me to learn from travel experiences and also be a good girl. ugh, oh!! I am hungry, mama!! can we eat?? Abhinaya's husband: Shall I arrange the berth as it is time for her to have dinner? Arna: Thank you Sister for giving your key chain. I played enough. Let us have dinner. Would you also like to join us?? Sania: Hmm...(hesitating) Abhinaya: Please join us. Sania: Ok. There started Sania's new travel experience on the train journey again. Journeys never end...Though due to covid 19 or other personal reasons it may pause for some time but for sure it will resume one fine day!! Thank you readers for reading this travel experience of Sania...πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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