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Sherin Mariya Robert
I primarily read Fantasy, Fiction, Thriller stories and poetry in english. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 20, 2020.
Sherin Mariya Robert
Dear Santa
Letter to Santa
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Dear Santa,

It's the first time I'm writing a letter to you. Christmas is almost here. So I'm wishing you a Merry Christmas. As you know the whole world is suffering from Corona virus. The pandemic created difficult situation in everyone's life. Everybody's lifestyle have changed. But let us hope all this situation change and live happily. As the quote says ' Life goes on & let's live on'. I would like to tell you a Christmas story to you. Once up on a time there were four penguins named Micky, Fred, Rob and Eve who are fond of singing Christmas carols before the inhabitants of the ice pack, where they live. Every time they sang, they received a golden star which they put up on their Christmas tree. One Christmas eve, Micky catches a terrible cold and starts sneezing. He tells his fellow singers that they will have to sing without him that year as he is unwell. “No, that’s not possible,” said the other three. But they realise that the inhabitants of the ice pack looked forward to their performance every year and would be terribly disappointed if they didn’t sing. The penguins decide to approach Doctor Lolo and ask to heal Micky soon. The doctor thinks for a while and tells them that the only way to get Micky better was by using the golden seaweed which could be found in the Indian Ocean. The penguins realise that the Indian Ocean is far away from them and that it would not be possible for them to get the seaweed in such a short time. Fred is tearful, and his tears fell in the water below, which Pincho, an ice fish, feels on his body. He swims up to the penguins and asks them the reason for their sadness. On hearing their problem, Pincho says, “Wait! If it is the Indian Ocean, I have an idea.” He has friends and family spread across all the great seas of the world and begins to send messages to them. The message is passed on from one fish to another, across the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, before finally reaching the butterflyfish in the Indian Ocean. The butterflyfish looks for the golden seaweed, high and low. When he finally finds it, he passes it across till it reaches Pincho. The penguins are overjoyed, and they ask the doctor to prepare the medicine from it. Micky drinks the medicine in one gulp and his original voice returns in a jiffy. The Christmas carol show is a hit, and the penguins tell everyone how Pincho helped them in finding the golden seaweed. Through this story, your kids can learn about teamwork and how by helping each other, we can bring true happiness in the world. Hoped you liked it. So once again I'm wishing you a

Merry Christmas

. Take care yourself. Lovingly, Your dearest child :) Sherin Mariya Robert 2nd DC Botany St.Teresa's College (Autonomous), EKM

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