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kavi Ramya
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Mythology, Romance, Spiritual, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since October 7, 2020.
kavi Ramya
Super Woman ???
Is it perfecto??
  7 Mins Read

"Please, take care dear. Love you! Bring fame and name to your in-laws home. Please don't forget to maintain our dignity in front of their eyes." said Shravya's mother Girija. "Dear! My one and only advice to you is fulfill your dreams. Be yourself!! Expect the unexpected. Handle it!!" said Shravya's father Bhatt. "Sure, mom and dad! Thank you for supporting me!!" said Shravya hugging them tightly. After six months @Shravya's new home... "Shravya!! Where is my glasses?" asked her mother-in-law searching for it. "Shravya!! Can you bring me a cup of coffee? I had finished my morning walk just now." said her father-in-law. "Shravs!! Can you bring me breakfast? Actually I am running late to office." pleaded her husband Raghu. Shravya finished all the requests and household work with help of her maid. But she always kept brooding that she was not up to the mark like other women whom she saw in her life. She kept this feeling to herself which started increasing over a year. After a year, she was pregnant.. She compared herself with other pregnant women who were capable enough of doing the house hold chores. She stopped going to office putting a comma to her career in this dilemma. She stretched herself a lot. During her ninth month, her mood swings were so high that she started yelling on herself for not being able to do her tasks. She started fearing of her situation. She successfully delivered a baby girl with C- section operation. She started cribbing as she failed to deliver child through normal delivery like her Mother. But her in-laws and husband supported her a lot and made many attempts to change her thinking that failed. Her parents were taken aback by her behaviour. They tried to calm her but failed. She couldn't concentrate on herself though she took care of newborn well. She forgot to take care of herself. Her in-laws offered help in household chores but she rejected it politely. She had shortage of sleep as she took all the burden on her shoulders. She developed general aches and pains that were unexplainable. She was taken to doctor and was given medication but it didn't help her much. One day, Raghu's cousin visited their home. On seeing Shravya, she started observing her carefully. Raghu asked her "Reena! Why are you observing her continuously? Is there any problem?" "Raghu!! Can you come out for a while?" said his cousin not losing her cool. Raghu nodded his head and followed his cousin. "Why don't you take Shravya to a counsellor? I think she is suffering from anxiety issues. " said his cousin Reena. "What are you saying? She is perfectly alright except that she wants to be Mrs. Perfect. Then, why counselor. After all, she is not mad just that she wants to be an ideal wife, mother, daughter and daughter-in-law. She becomes little anxious in these things. I think every woman is like her. So, I don't think she needs a counselor." said Raghu feeling hurt. "Raghu!! Remove the taboo that only mad people or psychos go to counselling. It is a notion. The fact is that even common people who are emotionally disturbed or struck under mental pressure approach a counselor. I went to counselor when I faced trauma of losing my first newborn child to a genetic disease. A woman undergoes a lot of change wilfully for her family. During that process, she at times, loses her true identity unknowingly. Trying to be someone which no one can ever be. No one is perfect in this world. Neither you nor me. Counselor is the one who helps to come out of our mental blockage that we ourself constructed in our way." said Reena convincing Raghu to take Shravya. Her family members supported Raghu's decision of trying the suggestion and somehow managed to take her to a counselor. On the day of counseling, she went near counselor room, stepping in fear and uncertainty. She knocked the door and stepped in. "Please come in, Shravya!! I am Dharani." said the counsellor jogging in her room with track pants. Shravya was puzzled and startled at her appearance. She judged her not be an ideal counselor for her and shut herself in her own shell. "Hey Shravya!! Don't you think you are judging a book like me by it's cover!! What say??" said Dharani with a broad smile on her face and pointing her eyes towards her track pants. "No...Not exactly...Hmmm...Okay.." struggled Shravya to express herself. "Please be seated, dear. Relax" said Dharani leaning on her chair. Shravya pulled the chair and sat hesitatingly. She leaned forward on table with her elbows on it. She started rubbing her fingers in tension. "Do you like to have a chocolate milkshake?" said Dharani. "Do the counselor really does this all? Is this the counseling? You have to ask me my problem and I will share it. Then you give me some medicine and teach me few methods of becoming normal according to my family and extended family. But, here you are taking fees and doing nothing like usual. You are wasting my time. Can I go? I am not satisfied. " said Shravya and stood up,setting her bag in nearly perfect way. "Ah...Excuse me!! Still I can take 15 mins of your time as per our session schedule. So why don't you sit and chat with me? I will refund the amount and with respect to time, imagine you talked to a friend on social media guiding on how can we try to become perfect like a super woman?" said Dharani waiting for her reply. Shravya was pleased by the term "Super woman" as she wanted to become one. She sat holding her breath tight for a moment. Then, she ordered a milkshake. She started talking "Do you know what all it takes to get that tag? You have to be an all-rounder. You should know how to handle relations. How well you gel in your husband's home is the major milestone we have to achieve. Post that you should be more approachable. Always keep smiling. You can take at times help from maids but they shouldn't overshadow you. You should also balance your parents side. You should do a flawless job in household chores for example cooking, cleaning, serving food,etc.,  like a pro..There is no scope for you to commit blunders. The rewards are their praises and appreciation which are shallow by their heart. The count should always be incremental. Your husband must be helped all the time. Consider him your top priority in the list. You can't miss your commitments. Once you bear kids, then more responsibilities. We have to be available round the clock for them. We have to make them responsible citizen...And " said Shravya and continued without pausing for a long time... "Ma'am. Your milkshake!!" said the attendant. "Yes. Please come" said Dharani. "Hey Sarita!! What are the responsibilities you have on your shoulders?" asked Dharani casually with a side look on Shravya. "For now !! To serve you ma'am. " said Sarita giving a sweet smile. Shravya did not expect this answer. After Sarita left from there, "Mrs. Dharani don't you think she should have given some other answer about her family or something?" said Shravya rubbing her temples hard. "She lives in the moment. She always expects the unexpected. So what else?" said Dharani with an intense observation on Shravya's changing facial expressions and body language. "This is what my dad said me while I was about to move to my in-laws home. " said Shravya recollecting her dad sayings but then she also recollected her mother sayings and said "How can we enjoy? What about our family if we behave like this live in the moment..How can we become super woman?" said Shravya giving a tensed look. "You are already a super woman!! Why do you want to search for her prerequisites when it is innate in you?" questioned Dharani. Shravya gave a doubtful look. "Yes. I really mean it. Self satisfaction is the key to become a super woman. If you are not satisfied with what you are doing, how will you progress further. Do you play games?" asked Dharani. "I used to...Before marriage.." said Shravya listening to her attentively. "In a game, you play a level to progress further until you collect maximum target post which you think about next level. You don't think that I have to score more on the leaderboard and all right.." said Dharani raising her brows. "Yes. How do you know?" said Shravya feeling amused. "See, I told you not to judge book by its cover. Similarly, stop being a strong critic for yourself. Raise the bar till where you can and be satisfied after achieving it. Don't stretch yourself for the other's words or which is not your cup of tea..Stop imposing others laid rules on you. It's important to set your expectations practically. Close your eyes and answer my question 'Is your family happy in your presence inspite of you behaving like a superwoman" said Dharani Shravya bent her head down and said "No, they say why are you doing all this by hurting yourself? I can see they don't like it much through their facial expression." "See..Until you are doing things from your heart and self satisfied you cannot satisfy others. Why you are thinking that you should achieve all things at once? Set your achievable goals and let go of perfectionism. After all a superwoman whom you think to be perfect has also made few mistakes from which she learnt how to become one such. It is okay to go wrong at times. It is okay to ask others for help. No one is perfect. " said Dharani and continued to counsel her for next 30 minutes making Shravya totally forget about time. Shravya understood the real meaning of Superwoman and self satisfaction. She believed that Every woman is a Superwoman when situation demands. She started taking counselor's insights. Slowly, she recovered from "Super Woman Syndrome" which she never knew she had neither her family. Dharani, counselor never spoke anything about syndrome with her family except her husband. Her husband was the one who gave details which counselor used to grab her attention and make her listen like games playing or the most vital clue Super woman. Slowly in few months everything fell in place. Shravya started adapting the changes and followed the key to happiness and balance in life *self satisfaction* She is now happy, self satisfied, believing in being in the moment, having fun spreading her aura of positivity balancing career and personal life with near perfectness. Though at times it went out of balance, she brought it onto the track with her stable mind and self built confidence. She started accepting the unexpected and handled it without losing her cool. **The Beginning of a Super woman Journey** "Every woman is a super woman with inherent talents and qualities that are just need to be polished and brought into light. All are hidden gems hiding their talent under the ground." "If everything can be done by everyone, where will be the uniqueness and speciality of you?" "According to me, there is nothing called perfect. There is only near perfect word that you can use in practicality." "Super woman is a fictional character and not a role model. Trying to be her is not going to be healthy or sustainable" - San Diego health I believe in the above say. Thank you for reading this💐💐💐

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