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Narendra babu
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Historical Fiction. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since 22nd November 2021.
Narendra babu
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SUPERSTAR By Naren John Mathew was reigning Superstar of Indian Cinema, his remuneration was one among highest paid actors globally. John once travelling to awards Function on the way to Andheri, he came across a group of people carrying a body of a Lady. John stopped the Car and called upon a passerby who was following the funeral rites. The man replied in a feeble tone " We don't know the whereabouts of the Lady nor her family" saying he ran towards the funeral. John was shocked Sweat started pouring from his face he started to mumble words. Seeing the condition of his master Driver Yakub curiously asked "Master what happened to you tell me master" Saying he consoled him. John in a confused and Sad state turned towards his driver Yakub and said in anxiety tone " Take me to Gaiety theater in Kalyan Suburbs " Yakub in answerable tone " Master Gaiety theater is closed Long back and there are no takers and looks like an haunted house. But due to Johns persisting Yakub had to obey his words. Finally upon reaching Gaiety theater John recollected the voice of Nancy who worked as a Cleaner at Gaiety theater earning Rs. 300 a month. Nancy words were haunting him and her Shrieks chased him, he sat at the corner of Gaiety theater with his costly Suit smeared in Sand. Yakub lifted his master who was in total emotional State. Yakub in a worried tone "Master you are like my son and I being like your father can't you reveal me the reason for your state" John in a teary jerk state looked at Yakub and started to reveal the story. Nancy was a Sweeper who worked at Gaiety a famous Cinema theater which even sponsored premier Shows with Renowed Actors and Actresses attending the function arranged in the Hall. Nancy lost her husband Tony a decade back and she lived with her lone son John who was a vagabond not useful to his hard working Mother Nancy, even after several coaxings to study, her words were not taken seriously and turned deaf to him .. Finally one day he like a good boy went towards his mother Nancy and in feeble tone " Mummy as you wish I will continue my studies" Nancy was happy and in a smiley tone " I am so happy John, I will tell uncle Francis to admit in same Gospel school and continue from where you left" saying she hugged her son. Uncle Francis took John to Gospel School met the Principal Nathews and requested to accept him. Principal Mathews in a commanding tone "Francis I wish to state Johns attendance is very poor and not himself being spoiled, he is even seen spoiling other students, this is last warning and last time he will be execused " saying he accepted the application of John and readmitted him once again in 9th standard where he left incomplete. Francis thanked the Principal and saw John admitted in his class, Francis even sponsored for his books and uniform, but instead reaching home in Kalyan suburbs he rushed to Gaiety theater, being a movie buff he rushed towards bench class which is a Rupee but as Nancy worked at the theater he had free access to watch every film. Nancy could not bear the pressure of work at theater she had to even bear antics of John, she used to scream at John after the film ended " John go home change your dress, wash your legs have your Supper and start reading I want to see you as a SUPERSTAR " and started chasing him with her broom stick . This went on for days but John never heeded her advice or words. As days passed by Nancy's health detiorated and she started coughing blood but she never revealed it to any one. While John started watching movies after school at Gaiety theater when his mother intervened he whisked away from there and joined his friends who were spoiled brats and got addicted to Alcohol and Cigaratte smoking. The fees amount paid by his Uncle Francis was spent on his lavish drinks and Smoke. Nancy again caught John redhanded in theater premises relishingnmovies and in an emotional tone " My son kindly be a responsible lad, study and become a famous prodigy that's what your mothers wishes. I don't know how many days I will live " Saying she cuddled John. John just nodded and left the place. Nancy health worsened and at theater premises she laid dead all the theater personnel lifted her body and sent it home Francis was shocked and was literally sobbing. There was no news about John, Francis and his men searched for John everywhere but of no avail. Finally as the time lapsed Francis decided to do rituals, he carried Nancy's body with his neighbours and left for burial ground and did final rites. On the other end John in an an inhebirated state was seen lying unconscious just few meters from the crematorium where his mother Nancy was Laid to rest. Finally after a day John regained conscious and after reaching home called "Mum Mum serve me food I am very hungry " Saying he saw his mother's photo garlanded and out came Francis who beat him black and blue for his antics. John was in deep shock, he was thrown out of the house. John now realised his folly and recollected his mother Nancy's Words which haunted him as " John go home , change your dress wash your legs after supper start reading, I want to see you as a SUPER STAR" John tried to enter the crematorium to pay homage to his Mother Nancy's tomb but was once again pushed out by Francis Men. John went on doing some lay jobs carried Rice bags at Mills, helper at garages, finally churned himself to be a Light boy at studio, watched every actor performances and grasped the Skills Slowly John was chosen as a Supporting Actor and finally he never looked back to became a Lead Actor as days passed to once again reign as a superstar of Indian Cinema. John on concluding his flashback took support of Yakubs Shoulder and started wailing his heart out. Yakub consoled him and took John to crematorium where his Mother Nancy Laid and saw him pay homage to her with boquet of flowers. Within few days John puchaded Gaiety Theater renovated and renames it as NANCY 70MM and furnished to best among the renowned theaters in India. John became a SUPERSTAR as his mother wished and earned millions of fans globally and his Autograph to all his fans was signed SAY NO TO ALCOHOL Truly yours JOHN ALCOHOL IS NOT ONLY INJURIOUS TO YOUR LIFE BUT ALSO TO YOUR FAMILY. THE END

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