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"I've never been a natural, all I do is try, try, try... "
Sisters from hell controlling the threads of time
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“I woke up as soon as I saw her tonight… I couldn’t sleep at all.” “Listen don’t take it as the wrong way… Is she like some super crush you have, only she isn’t someone you know?” Tridz offered, “I mean I have had dreams of Harry Styles last year, almost thrice now. We even dated in one. Only he cheated on me later” Trust Tridisha to cheer me up. That idiot has the ability to end any sentence with a joke. “Dude!” I say as I laugh, “Yup… I am making something out of nothing. Let’s go home.”   If I saw her face again tonight, I might kill someone… Maybe Tridz is right, but my dreams are never the slightest bit romantic. It’s been twenty consecutive days but in all my dreams she seems to be in hurry to tell me something, but my anxiety wakes me up. My heart pounds heavily , my breath becomes short, I feel as though someone is suffocating me with a pillow over my face… I wake up with a jolt everytime in a pool of sweat. I don’t recognize her face but the familiarity kills me… I dig my brains for even the slightest idea of recognition only to lose more sleep. My dreams are not nightmares, they are worst.                                                                xxx  Today is Saturday, my parents are out of town attending a wedding of a distant relative. I could’ve gone as well but I thought I’d better stay and catch up on some of my work. After I cooked and ate my lunch, I got extremely drowsy, I felt like being trapped inside a tornado of the colour of my parents’ living room. I swear I saw an angel emerging inside from the top of the tornado. “Sweven…sweven… You can control time….” She said. She was so familiar, I knew I loved her, I knew I trusted her but I didn’t even know her… “Wh-who..WHO!” It took all of my strength to speak. My mind was on fire, I was in such pain I felt like someone was burning me… “Angel?” I wish I could ask her properly if she was an angel but none of my senses were working. “Honey, we are both survivors of hell. Start doing good deeds honey… Save both of us from an eternity in hell. You are chosen to control time, save others to save yourself. You are my soul sister, you’ve been a sister to me in five thousand lives of ours. The more I speak to you, the more flames will you feel. You’re talking to someone who is still in hell… I’ll come to you whenever urgent… Save us babe. I can’t talk to you anymore... or you will die and we’ll spend an eternity in hell…” I blacked out. I opened my eyes to see that I was drenched with sweat. I prayed for some strength to help me get up and get some water…My lips felt like stones.                                                                 Xxx With throbbing headache, I go to my bed… It is only 4pm but I had no energy to go through the entire day. I wish I could’ve just gone with my parents… Tears of confusion and anger were leaving their trails on my cheeks and my pillow… Am I losing my mind? I don’t want to be crazy….                                                           Xxx  When I woke up the sun was shining and I could feel the cool morning breeze. I was feeling way better. My clock said 7am. I slept for thirteen hours! I am so lazy! Eww…. With frustration and shame I went to the living room for my breakfast… My father was making breakfast as my mother set the table. “Guys, I’m really sorry I promised to study but I slept and wasted my entire day…. I am really sorry… I don’t know what is happening to me, to be honest. I should’ve just gone with you to the wedding…” My mother had a slight frown and my father was scratching his head as he shrugged. “ Honey, you are working too much… You are probably having nightmares again..” she sighed, “ You know if you relax and study in mild manner, we’ll be much relieved. At this point I don’t care if your grades slip. You need to give yourself a break.”  “ You can come to the wedding… which is today; it’ll be good to let your mind off things…” my father said, “ We are really worried about your mental health… Don’t look at me like that. It IS a real thing.” “Thanks guys…” I smiled, “You guys are really keeping up for your age…” “ For my age?” my mom said, “Shut up.” I love these guys.                                           Xxx Even though I had a good time at the wedding, I didn’t entirely believe that I dreamt the “incident”. This time I could remember the everything. I remember too well how I felt when I talked to her, how suffocated I was, how my senses were not working, I could remember those invisible hell flames… Do I really have powers in the realms of time… Now what was I thinking of before I snoozed… I did wish to go to the wedding with my folks. I deeply desired for a different course for the day… I know I am being crazy but whatever is happening to me isn’t very normal either… I have given up being practical now, I have given up on everything now. If I am really crazy then so be it. Maybe the angel exists. Oh wait.. wasn’t she from hell? Well, whatever . Maybe the devil is my sister, and I have been given the power of time to be in the good books of God just to escape hell and go to paradise… I don’t care how crazy these thoughts are! It hurts too much to be practical. I can’t do it anymore… Now what was the word that witch was saying repeatedly? Sweven? Might as well search what it is. I am the new crazy person in town. Lucky me. I immediately broke down. xxx SWEVEN :  (noun) a vision you see when you sleep. I wish google could tell me if it is real image or not… Ugh… I’d really just spend eternity in hell than lose my mind like this, honestly. I searched “ Bad things happening in the world.” Okay… all those are too much. I have to start small. Hmmm….. A few years ago a girl did die in a bathroom in a school near us. She was locked by some of her “friends” as a prank, and the worst part is it was the day before vacation. I don’t how stupid kids can be these days.  IF I have powers or whatever saving her will be my first task.  “IF” is the keyword.  I searched when the incident took place: 14th June, 2016. I concentrated so hard on the date, I saw the numbers in the dark as I shut my eyes hard. 

Summer, morning, June, Roshni….

I opened my eyes. No one was in my house. I looked in my mirror my age didn’t change… It was eerily quiet… “Um… sister”I whispered, I clenched my fist to call my angel sister, “SISTE- ah!” “Enigma! I am so sorry you are in pain again… I’ll come whenever you need me but you’ll have to endure the flames of hell in your body. When you go back in time to experience or change YOUR life or something in YOUR life , you’ll see your life flowing and yourself aging. You experienced something like that yesterday.” “But today...” I couldn’t finish my question out of pain. “I can know your question whenever you just think of one, do not hurt yourself by asking. Time is of essence. I have come from hell with the flames, a long time with me is going to kill you… So back to your question, today is different because the incident when occurred had little to no impact on you. So only the lives inside the school premises are continuing just like that day. And all lives on earth are still.”

Why are we doing this? For how long? Why did you call me Enigma?

Your soul’s name is Enigma. In most of your lives most of your names sounded like that. Today your name is Nagma. In your last life your name was Nama, you were a pet bird. We made God furious in paradise. Us sisters were the protectors of paradise. We forgot we were working for peace because we were in paradise. We didn’t take care of heaven. I forgot to look after Earth too. You came back in various forms to take care of it but me? My last life on Earth is a million years ago. My punishments were more than you so I decided to stay in hell and come by just to help you. You honey are going save both of us. Just do a million good deeds and we’ll be responsible for our paradise duties again. I wish I could make things more clear. It hurts my heart and soul to see your confusion, deep inside yourself you’ll understand and remember everything. Remember to keep an open mind. I have to go now or a second more and you’’ll die..” I blacked out again… 12:12 pm. Lunch break. I rushed to St. Joseph's. “Bhaiya, I have to go inside, my sister studies in this school. The Principal has called for a guardian. " “ Oh ho.. sorry.” The security guard was visibly uncomfortable. I don’t know why that was the first lie I could think of, maybe my experience BUT it worked. As I waited in the stinky girls toilet, I checked in the stalls, as I knocked on the last one, a girl started shouting , “ PLEASE open!” Her eyes were red and swollen. This is no prank, this clearly is hate crime. “Sweetheart, why did your friends lock you up?” “How did you know?” she asked, scared. “ I assumed…” “They are just always mean to me.” “Honey please go to the principal , I’ll come with you”                                                 Xxx “Roshni beta we are so happy you are okay now. Shobhna and Rhea will be expelled.” The principal said, “ Thank God you were there Miss Nagma… How come you are here though?” I smiled, “Well….” I searched my brain for lies and other 9,99,999 good deeds I have to do.



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