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p vikramreddy
p vikramreddy
That Unfortunate Day
  3 Mins Read

I opened my eyes and saw that the room I am in was darkly lit. I realised that I was seated in an inclined chair, with a light directly above my head. I couldn't see much because of the light over my eyes. To my astonishment there were masked people around me, their heads and faces covered. Their looks send chills down my spine. Suddenly one of them raised an injection and was approaching me. I moved, the other masked men tried to limit my movements. I tried to get free, but their firm grip on my hands did not allow me to move. The masked men were talking to me but I couldn't register a word of what they were saying. The man with the Syringe approached me, his eyes opened wide and looked composed. He pressed the Syringe against my body. I squeaked in pain, and finally stopped resisting them. Everything around me appeared even more gloomy. The man with the syringe is now approaching again but with a sharp metal towards me. From the light above me, the reflection of the metal fell on my face. It was horrifying for me. I felt like I was like a lab rat to them. I couldn't see it all and closed my eyes. All my life has just flashed in front of me. I remembered my parents, my elder brother, the time I had with my friends. And suddenly there was the sound of drilling machine and I opened my eyes. Now there is a man approaching me with a machine in his hand. He was just checking if it is working fine by pressing it on and off in front of me. I moved my head vehemently trying to free myself and there I saw my dad worried looking from the glass to the door. My movements froze on seeing my dad and him not doing anything to save me from the danger that is in front of me. As the masked man approached me with the drilling machine I closed my eyes leaving all the hope and just praying to God. After 20 minutes the masked man tried to wake me up. I opened my eyes, there was blood on his hands and my mouth tasted weird. I couldn't close my jaw properly. I looked at the masked man. He lowered his mask and called me by my name. I was astonished. He had shown me something in his blood soaked gloved hands. His eyes shone bright with pride. I looked at his hand and looked at him again. I wondered what he is trying to show me. My Dad entered the room and enquired if I was ok. The man dipped the blood soaked stuff in his hand into a bowl filled with water. There it was, a white creamy rock like structure. He said that it he just extracted my Lower Left impacted Wisdom tooth. That is when I realised I was in a dentist's chair. I got up from the chair and came out of the room. It was my most forgetful day. My worst day ever. That is when I vowed I would never enter that dreadful room ever. I got out of the room and sat next to my dad in the lounge. I realized why kids in the West dread so much about being in a dentist's chair. The man came out, and with an emphatic smile on his face, he said that he is done extracting one of my wisdom teeth and there are 3 more to go. And told me to come back again next week. I was like, who would dare come again not once but 3 more times. Not in my worst dreams. I never thought that life in a Dentist's chair would be so excruciating.

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