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Bhargavi Mc
Writing has been my favorite past time ever since i was a kid, i may not be good at it, yet I love doing it.... Hope you like my writing... I have a blog in word press.. with the following urllonelyheart2494.wordpress.com and lonelyheartpoems.wordpress.comHope you would love them too... :)
Bhargavi Mc
The App World
The tomorrow world
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The look at APP World

The blue sky with cottony clouds,

The birds fly making their way along the tweets.

The sun that hits me on my skin,

Brings me alive like dew on a flower.

The trees with the green crown,

Stretched their hands with the delights they cooked.

The nuts that just dropped were stolen

By the squirrels for the winter run.

The dashing rain danced as they reached;

The soil as the fragrance it brought out.

The peacocks flattered their feathers,

To show their coloured tail that dazzled.

-Lonely Heart.

Nothing could distract me with the sight I filled in my eyes I thought yet alarm blew my dream to pull me back to the reality of the “APP WORLD”. The world is so different now form the one I grew up in. The transaction was not in a flash, yet it didn’t take enough time for me the forget the world I grew in. The iPhone’s siri still stays with the thousands of voices it could mimic, once that was interesting now only could irritate me. Karan its 7am get up you have a meeting in one hour thirty two minutes and 56 seconds. Say me more about the meeting Siri, The clients from Australia want to know about the new nature game you’re building, they want to have a face to face talk through the 3d reality Skype.  As I brush my hairs under the shower that bugs me with the information of the water that is pouring. It was nice when I juggled before for finding the perfect warmth that could hit my skin with those old knobs of the tap. Now I put in the numbers 21, 22, 19 etc which the shower never approves with its knowledge of the climate that I never see. Everything in this house can talk to me. Singing in the shower now means your favourite play list is played but not your voice that echoes. Tooth brush decides now what past you need to use, how to reach the corners of your mouth but not your hand that used to struggle to reach as before.  I wonder who thought that would be fun to know what all was in your potty. The thought of it disgust me even though its the reality. Remember those days when you stood in front of wardrobe with no clue what to where, remember when you changed into every dress you owned to make your mind. Now you have app for it which picks your schedule from your personal assistant Siri to only give you one perfect outfit for the day. No more freaky outfits to laugh on. The cars can drive on their own; the licence is given to the software in the car but not to you. The driving licence we earned in our twenties is just in the past. Books that once accompanied my way to office no more exist, kindle has the newest version which has poop up books which create a 3d e-books that makes you feel the real books yet neither have I felt the smell I loved with every new book that I had brought nor I have felt the texture on my fingers which some time left the paper cuts I could lick. Traffic is no more an excuse that you could give for the late arrivals, with help of GPS and multiple roads running parallel to each other reaching the highs of the skyscrapers blocking the suns view the car drives you early as possible. Offices are also different where you could get through the day even without a single human interaction you could think off. The coffees and teas are served to you in your place by the robots we built. The lunch time that you had in the canteen along with the friends complaining their food no more exists with their menus you hated. The App called your Nutrition decides what you should have, with no pleasure of your own. The food that once we ate don’t even exist anymore, the plants and animals we cooked was brutal so the technology came up with man-made greens and meats are created in the large labs but neither by the leaves nor the tissues.

Nature Game:

The meeting with the clients started in a conference hall which seemed to be filled with clients, managers etc yet the in reality I was alone, the 3d Skype fools your eyes to believe they really were present the room. The technology was to the extreme that you could even feel the hand shake. Manika(My manager), Mike(Onsite co-ordinator), TangTang(Client) and few more people sat for the meeting with their own time zones. Manika: Hi Karan, Good morning. Mike: How is the weather in Bangalore? Me: HI Manika, good morning. Mike the Google says it’s raining, but I didn’t single single drop. Everyone laughed, just because I couldn’t see a single drop or feel the rain I cant accuse google of lying. As the monsoon is on a run in Bangalore, the new rain water harvesting technology collected all the water for meeting the cities demand even before it reached the soil which doesn’t exist anymore. TangTang: Karan you’re Missing the past I feel. Karan: Are you not missing the smell of the soil after the rain yourself? TangTang had no words that he could put in but just a helpless smile. Few more youngsters in the meeting had no idea what we were speaking about. LEE(One of the intern on client side, who in her twenties), her expression for our talks could clearly make us know the kids of this generation had no clue about the nature that Google talked about. ME: Lee I know you have no remembrance of the rain, for kids of your generation I am bringing the “Nature Game” which could create the virtual reality of the nature that once I lived and played in. As the slides about of the game flashed on the virtual 3d screens, people who had once lived the past took a trip through the memory lane, and others could just get a picture of what their mothers and fathers spoke about.

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