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Gyanendra Kumar
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 31, 2020.
Gyanendra Kumar
The Bill
A thriller story
  4 Mins Read

It was a rainy night, the sound of the lightening was raging thoughout the streets of the city when a person who was returning from his work was trapped in the rain, thought of taking shelter somewhere. He came across a cafe and went into it. He called for the shopkeeper but there was no reply, so he went further to look wether someone was there. Suddenly an old women appeared before him. He was scared, he stepped aback. She comforted him and said "don't be afraid, I'm just an old women" He said "Oh! You just appeared suddenly so I was scared." "Do you need any help?" He said "yes, can you please offer me a hot coffee, its very cold outside." "Yes, please. Take a seat I'll be right back." After a while the women returned with a cup of coffee for him. She kept the cup on the table and said "have it dear" the person was in his own thoughts. The women again said with tapping on table"dear?" The person abruptly turned to her and said "sorry, I was just thinking........, and thank you for the coffee" The women sat on the other chair and asked "if you don't mind can I know for what you were in deep thoughts?" He initially hesitated but started narrating after looking at the women's comforting smile. He said "Its been five years that I'm married and also has a daughter but now I don't know what happened but there is some bitterness in our relationship, it is not like that how it used to be........" The women interrupted "sugar." The man confirmed "what?" She said "yes you heard it right I said sugar" The person looked confused, looking him in confusion she continued "you know what makes the coffee tastier even when the beans are bitter, it is the sugar. Sugar is something which gives the coffee its original taste. "So what is it to do with my life?" She continued "similarly lovely memories are the sugar in the bitterness of the life. So when you return home, then try to share all sorts of lovely memories with your wife for a week and I'm sure that you will see a magical transformation." He asked "will it work?" The women smiled and said "Didn't this coffee made you feel better?" He said "of course, it was divine." She said "so my advice will......." when asked for the payment the old women refused to take and said "it's ok give this money only when my advice works" He then left the cafe with a relief. Now the weather was clear so he quickly made his way to his home. He returned home, his wife was waiting for him at the dinner table he quietly went there and sat on the table. Slowly he started a conversation in which he started sharing all their happy moments. That day he saw some change but it was not that much, he thought "let's try for another six days......" He continued his endeavours and for his surprise it worked, the bitterness has came down now, his wife started recieving him with love. He then one fine day when he again came across the same cafe he went into that cafe, but he couldn't find that old women. There was some other women who was there at the desk. He went to her and asked "miss where is the old women who was there in the cafe last week?" She asked by showing a photo "Is this women you are talking about?" With a quick relief he said "yes." The women with a convincing smile said "sorry sir she is my mother and it's been fifteen years that she passed away, but don't worry many say that they see my mother often. Even I sometimes see her in the cafe." He was surprised and took a coffee and paid for it for which he got a bill. He sat in the cafe for a while finished his coffee, thanked her and left the cafe. After a while when he left the cafe a person came on his way and asked "I've seen you coming out of that caf, so is it opened" he said "yes." "But yesterday when I went it was just an abandoned cafe." The person said "No, I just had a coffee there, let me show you......" when they reached there and entered the cafe he was surprised to see that it was really an abandoned cafe building. He then checked for the bill which he got for the proof. He started checking his pockets but he was unable to find it. The other person who came with him left the place by saying "sir you might be drunk, sorry to say but it is really an abandoned building." Then He started looking around the cafe where he found a framed photo with those two women 'an old lady and his daughter' where it was written both were died in an unexpected fire accident in the cafe. He then was having mixed emotions of surprise, horror, confusion, and thought "if they were dead then why did they helped me." He reached home in this confusion and something fell from his pocket, it was the bill which he got from the lady at the cafe.

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