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Minna Miriya Cemarajh
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Love, Mythology, Romance. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 9, 2020.
Minna Miriya Cemarajh
the clues
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The summer camp started late than it usually do. Little Dave was excited to share the new story for the camp fire with his friends. His wait at last came to an end. He was called upon to narrate his story. Though his story lasted for an hour and a half......here is a short version *******In 1953****** U.S. Marshals Daniels "Teddy" Edward and his new partner Buck Arle travel to the Archeclafe Hospital for the criminally insane on loner Island in Nerw Harbor. They are investigating the disappearance of patient Rachel Salondo, admitted for drowning her two children. Their only clue is a cryptic note found hidden in Salondo's room: "The law of 3; who is 67?". The two men arrive just before a massive storm, preventing their return to the mainland for a few days. Teddy and Buck find the staff confrontational. Lead psychiatrist John Crawey refuses to turn over records, and they learn that Solando's doctor Lester Showman left the island on vacation immediately after Salondo disappeared. They are told that Ward C, one of three, is reserved for the most severely disturbed patients and is off limits, along with the lighthouse, which has already been searched. While being interviewed, one patient writes the word "RUN" in Teddy's notepad. Teddy starts to have migraine headaches from the hospital's atmosphere and has waking visions of his experiences as a U.S. Army soldier during the liberation of Dachau including reprisals against the guards. He has disturbing dreams of his wife, Dolores Chanal, who was killed in a fire set by arsonist Andrew Laeddis. In one instance, she tells Teddy that Salondo is still on the island—as is Laeddis, who everyone claims was never there. Teddy later explains to Buck that locating Laeddis was his ulterior motive for taking the case. Teddy and Buck find Salondo has resurfaced with no explanation, prompting the former to break into the restricted Ward C. Teddy encounters George Noyce, a patient in solitary confinement, who claims that the doctors are experimenting on patients, some of whom are taken to the lighthouse to be lobotomized. Noyce warns that everyone else on the island, including Buck, is playing an elaborate game designed for Teddy. Teddy regroups with Buck and climbs the cliffs toward the lighthouse. They become separated, and Teddy later sees what he believes to be Buck's body on the rocks below. By the time he climbs down, the body has disappeared, but he finds a cave where he discovers a woman in hiding, who claims to be the real Rachel Salondo. She states that she is a former psychiatrist at the hospital who discovered the experiments with psychotropic medication and trans-orbital lobotomy in an attempt to develop mind control techniques. Before she could report her findings to the authorities, she was forcibly committed to Ashecliffe as a patient. Teddy returns to the hospital, but finds no evidence of Buck ever being there. Convinced Buck was taken to the lighthouse, Teddy breaks in, only to discover Cawley waiting for him. Cawley explains that Teddy is actually Andrew Laeddis, their "most dangerous patient", incarcerated in Ward C for murdering his manic depressive wife, Dolores, after she drowned their children. Edward Daniels and Rachel Salondo are anagrams of Andrew Laeddis and Dolores Chanal, and the little girl from Laeddis's recurring dreams is his daughter Rachel. Cawley disclosed it was Andrew who attacked Noyce two weeks earlier for calling him Laeddis. According to Cawley, the events of the past several days have been designed to break Andrew's conspiracy-laden insanity by allowing him to play out the role of Teddy Daniels. The hospital staff were part of the test, including Lester Sheehan posing as Buck Arle and a nurse posing as Rachel Salondo. Andrew's migraines were withdrawal symptoms from his medication, as were his hallucinations of the "real Rachel Salondo." Overwhelmed, Andrew faints. He awakens in the hospital under the watch of Cawley, Sheehan, the warden and the nurse who played Rachel Salondo. When questioned, he tells the truth in a coherent manner, satisfying the doctors. Cawley notes that they had achieved this state nine months before, but Andrew regressed. He warns this will be Andrew's last chance; otherwise, they will have to lobotomize him. Some time later, Andrew relaxes on the hospital grounds with Sheehan, but calls him "Buck" again, saying they must leave the island because bad things are going on. Sheehan shakes his head to Cawley, to which Cawley says something inaudibly to Naehring and the warden and then turns away. The warden gestures to the orderlies and Andrew is taken away to be lobotomized. Before leaving peacefully, Andrew asks Sheehan if it would be better "to live as a monster, or to die as a good man?" A stunned Sheehan calls Andrew "Teddy" but the latter does not respond to the name. The camera pans to the lighthouse while Andrew is preparing to be lobotomized. ************************** The story ends while the campers clap for Dave's narration. But too bad none could understand that the story was actually the movie "shutter Island" and that Dave was obsessed with this movie for a long time that he lives his life as the movie shows with different clues hidden all through his case files with his therapist! Minna Miriya Cemarajh 1 DC b.voc food processing technology St.Teresa's college, Ernakulam

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