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Gyanendra Kumar
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 31, 2020.
Gyanendra Kumar
The dream dimension!
Reality in the dream....
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The dream dimension. It was a cold night when Jack was waiting at the railway station for the last train of the day. The platform was completely silent and there was not even a single trace of a human being there. He heard the announcement for the last train which was expected to be arrived by 12:20. Now the time was 11:30, he has to wait for some more time to catch that last train for the day. He thought of sitting on the bench nearby and as it was late night he dozzed of for some time thinking another announcement would be there just before arrival of the train. He abruptly woke up after a dream and when he saw in his surroundings there was quite things he notices that have changed. He can see the station master there but was confused to see him in some old fashion. When he looked at the watch he saw the time was 12:30. He thought he would have missed the train and he quickly went to the station master and asked whether the train has left or not. The station master said "sir the train has left for the day. " He thanked him and asked for any other way to reach the place where he wanted to go. For which the master said he can hire any vehicle to reach his destination. He thanked him and left the platform. He came out of the railway station at night to hire some taxi or something to home. He was waiting for a taxi but not even one passed by and he was surprised to see the place because it was kindly has changed. People were wearing old plantaloons and the streets were silent. He tried to take rest for that night so he tried to search for a cafe or something but he couldn't, so he found a bench and slept there for night. When he woke up he found himself in the same railway station he left. He looked at his watch, the time was 12:10. He was shocked. He was in dilemma and was thinking whether he was in the dream or reality, he couldn't figure it out. As there was no person and he was new to the place he was just waiting for the train. The announcement came for the train and now he was now delighted and waited for train. He reached home and slept. Then he again woke up but this time he was on the bench where he slept in the dream, may be. Now this really became confusing. He couldn't understand which was reality and what night. He touched the things pinched himself. Everything was common. He felt the pain, he can touch the things, he can walk and do everything. He then again saw the watch this time he notices that the time was morning 5:00 a. m. Now he thought of taking some vehicle to house. But was surprised to see that the people were in old attire and tongas were running on the road and everything was like that of the old style. He went to ask what is the date. The person showed him the newspaer where he can see it was 7 July 1941. He was in the streets of London and was still puzzled about his situation which he cannot share with people. He till now know that he was in some other timeline but how can that be possible. He then tried to again go to sleep so that he woke up in real world and know what was happening by considering some psychologist. But he was unable to sleep due to the sounds of engines and morning hustle bustle. He then tried to go to the place where his house was situated. When went there he can see an old mansion there. When he went into that he suddenly saw that it was his house. Now he was having mixed expression. He again came out and it was the real world where he live. He then immediately went to his friend and both went to the psychologist to know what was that, The doctor asked him many questions and decided to test on him. That night again when went to sleep again we woke up in the same dream, where he was in the mansion and this time he could see a women in black crying there in front of someone's photo, when he went there and tried to know the reason, he saw it was his photograph in the soldier attire. The women was happy to see him and said "you are back? Means they we're giving me the wrong news about you that you were died in the war. Thank God you are safe, sit I'll bring a coffee for you." He couldn't say anything but by seeing her happiness he couldn't deny her and sat on the couch. She came with the coffee. He abruptly woke up from that dream. When they tested on him the psychologist found some unusual results. By showing the results of jack he said when you were in sleep your mind was like dead means there was no movement it is unusual your body was here but not your mind or your conciousness. This is a maiden case I got in my whole career. Jack narrated everything whatever happened and said that what would happen if he didn't return to that place which he don't know was real or not. He then again went to discuss it with the other scientist who explained them in this way. Jack's conciousness was in the real time when he is awake but when he sleeps due to some reason his conciousness transfer to some other person or may be other dimension. And this way his conciousness has built a bridge between reality and the dream or we can say another reality. They asked docter that "is there any cure to it, its disrupting my daily life. " Scientist discussed with the doctor and said "first we need to know the real reason why it is happening and then we can find the cure. Doctor considering his dream said you are not the real soldier but that women is pretending you to be the one, so try to grab as much information about the person you can by pretending yourself as her husband. He did as advised whenever he used to sleep he would woke up from where the dream ended. The second day he read all notes and letters that soldier wrote. He then came to know that he was involved in some secret mission of the U. S army where he was one of the test subject. He couldn't understand all that so he remembered what ever was written in those documents of agreement. He when woke up in the real world he wrot"e everything immediately and showed it the doctor they both then came to a solution that this soldier was involved in some kind of mind bridging project where a person by chance enters into someone else's conciousness and live as he lives. Means now Jack's body has sort of two conciousnesses or two souls one when he is awake and other when he sleeps takes over his body. This is really some kind of supernatural kind of thing. " Jack exclaimed. He asked "is there any cure for this ? " The doctor said "yes only one, you need to kill yourself in your dream life to break this bridge otherwise it gonna be difficult for you. And morover if you live in this kind of situation you can't figure out which is your reality and which is dream and you end up struggling with your life. Don't worry just go to war and be a brave soldier for your nation. " Jack did as he was told. He went to the war in the dream world and got killed. Now suddenly he lost conciousness and when he woke up he was in the doctor's bed and told whatever happened. Then he asked "what about that person, who was test subject?" Doctor said "don't worry it is past. " He agreed and went home. When he was one day looking at the old brave soldiers of war he was surprised and happy to see his face there with the name, soldier Jack burrow which was his real name. He thought it was mere coincidence and left. The scientist was discussing about his case he asked doctor "have you ever heard of incarnation. " Doctor said "yes, but I think it is hypothetical right? " Scientist showing Jack's reports to doctor said "see this mark on his stomach which can be made by a bullet of old pistol which is found in those days..... " " So, you say he was incarnated that's why his mind was bridged with his pre birth? " "I don't only say but believe in that. This is nature friend and there are millions of things which human is still unknown and searching for them and these kind of cases gives the proof for that."

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