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I always write to bring out the realities hidden around me. I love writing and listening to what people wanna share. Writing give me relief and I do continue that even if I'm not the best in it.
The driving force...
Ultimate fuel of life..
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Still I believe, Everything happens for a reason, Life seems tough, Less challenging, Dreams are always, The driving force of life, And I tell you, You are lucky, If you race up to it. Sometimes it's hard, Really hard to convince, The ones around you, Prepare your mind, Had the guts to dream.? Now,show the guts to fight. When you are not ready, To fail, Nothing else, Can fail you back. Look around, Atleast you will have, Any one, maybe two, Or three, Who hold your hand, And whisper to you, You can, The ultimate fuel, Is the one less recognised, The hidden one, Taken for granted...

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