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vinaya chandan reddy
vinaya chandan reddy
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 ( “opens the door”) (“ a man nervously walks the doors and reaches reception desk”) “Hello,” said man with a nervous tone.  “ hello sir welcomes to “AFTER DEATH DEPORTMENT”,” said receptionist. “ I died few minutes ago, I reached here,” said man. “ this is after death reception area sir, you have to fill this form for further action, so take a seat and complete the form,” said receptionist, and shows towards couch. ( he took the details form, sat down on couch, and filling details form) He reaches desk said “ here we go,” and handover the details form. “ I will explain further detail,” said receptionist. “Okay,” said man with nervous tone.  “There is 25 levels in heaven upside, and 25 levels in hell down side. When you step into that elevator it takes upside or downside. It is depends on the more people that loves you that much high level you reach in heaven, and the more people that hates you that much low level you reach in hell,” said receptionist. The man steps into the elevator. Receptionist said, “ all the best”. Elevator door closed. Elevator slowly moves upside, a small smile spreads across his face. Elevator slowly crosses 5,10,15 floors. And finally stops at 25th floor, and elevator door opens. The man steps out of the elevator. Roses raining from the sky, Servants bows, and receiving him, Slow music playing around the hall, Angels dancing for the song. “Welcome, Michael jones to heaven,” said receiver. The man frozen, and said, “ I’m not Michael jones”. “ sorry sir, some error occurred. Please step back into elevator,” said receiver. The man steps back into elevator. Elevator closed. “ elevator goes down side, and reaches 25th floor of downside in the hell.” Elevator Door open, The man steps out, The demons aims their spears and bows towards him, and said, “ WELCOME “.                                                     -a story teller(V13).

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