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Minna Miriya Cemarajh
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Love, Mythology, Romance. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 9, 2020.
Minna Miriya Cemarajh
The foreseen future...
we can change to shape our future!
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From: nat2020@cmail.com To: professortravel1798@cmail.com Subject: concerns of year 2100 Respected professor Travills, As i mentioned in the last letter, time travelling will open our eyes to a whole new world that has its own advantages and disadvantages, mysterious yet simple to eye in one way but now I'm writing to you about the concerns i feel for 2100 after visiting it. We might think that the population will increase but believe me that will not happen until we cjange our ways now. Just as some scientist said, "I don't know with what world war 3 will happen but world war 4 will happen with sticks and stones" - i feel that. I still haven't found any clues on what happened or what caused world war 3 but it was much much much worse than the previous ones that some countries just lost their place on the land, they just sank into the ocean. The next one is about a new Ocean forming through Africa. That ocean is going to change Africa for ever that they would be the leading country with many petroleum expotes, diamond etc . ..... Global temperatures and sea levels are rising. Low-lying coastal cities are already experiencing devastating floods. Here are some sinking cities that are in danger of disappearing : Jakarta (indonesia) ,Lagos (Nigeria), Houston (Texas), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Venice (italy), Virginia Beach, Bangkok, New Orleans, Rotterdam (the Netherlands), Alexandria and Miami. Some even developed underwater cities to protect themselves from rising tides in the initial years. In the case of medical field... we'll be reaching High levels. The next 80 years will witness dramatic changes as medical science solves the mystery of common chronic diseases like cancer, atherosclerosis causing heart disease and stroke, diabetes, and age-related dementias like Alzheimer's disease. Our understanding of the brain will be dramatically different in terms of detail and complexity. Persons will have the potential to live out their life span (which will exceed 90 years) and to delay onset of disability. Medical care will be more self-directed as information is more accessible, of higher quality, and user friendly. Care will not be as invasive and minimalist techniques will overtake traditional surgery. The institutions we now associate with health care (hospitals, the doctors office) will predictably be surpassed by facilities driven by technology changes. Companion robots, such as one we’ve created called MiRo ‒ the name is derived from the term “Mimetic Robot” will be used extensively. bionics and related technologies blossom extensively in the 2100s. Advanced bionic implants, which employ neurosensory adaptors, have been used in patients who completely lost hearing or vision at the organ level. Embedded computational units, which simulate part of the neural network within brain, assists patients to gain back their normal brain activities post trauma. Similarly, stem cells can be faithfully pre-programmed before administration to ensure them to differentiate into desired tissues or organs. This will allow repair and regeneration on a cellular level. Although many advantages are there, the people will slowly go into their most comfort-zone, stop interacting with each and will slowly go into robot mode just like seen the the movie wall-E, where the people in the spaceship depicts the exact senario. Many new species and place will be discovered only to be tested upon or worse. Ratio of robots to humans will be equal but it will slowly rise . Humans will start to lose their jobs and livelihood and they would Start rioting. Space travelling is used for finding new home for humans to live in since they no longer can work under AI robots. No wonder some scientists have voted against AI. Please start to change the way your world is now! We don't want to spend our lives searching for a planet to live in because you couldn't change yours. Raise these concerns in the upcoming meeting and make sure to inform that a new virus will start spreading by right after corona starts to decline world wide. Others will soon start to follow unless you people stop hunting new species in deep sea. I like to present this into your notice that ,On June 28, 2009, Stephen Hawking threw a party for time travelers. The next day, he sent out the invitations. "Copies of it will survive in one form or another for many thousands of years.Maybe one day, someone living in the future will find the information and use a wormhole time machine to come back to my party, proving that time travel will, one day, be possible," i visted him first, he is the one who suggested your name. I knew i should contact you due to possibilities of forming various paradox, but i trust in what Hawking said. Just like what i always say , I'm writing this because you could change this damaged present for us . And remember you just borrowed our future for your present; leaving our present in knots and our future in absolute chaos. Until the next letter, Jaisekyn Nat Time-traveller A3682 batch C Died in 1773 and revived memories into another body in 2079 Connection by infused bloodline of your grand-daughter. Invozheial island MINNA MIRIYA CEMARAJH I DC B.voc food processing technology St.teresa's college, Ernakulam

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