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I primarily read Children, Comedy, Fiction, Inspiration stories and poetry in english. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 20, 2020.
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It was a fine Sunday morning. I was still sleeping on the bed with my bedsheet over my face. The clock had already passed eight. I couldn't sleep no longer because the bright yellow light fell on my face and I shut my eyes . Then I gave up and got up from the bed leaving the bedsheets to be fold up by my mother. Walking with my drowsy mind and feet I saw someone's shadow behind me. Suddenly I heard "

happy birthday".

It was my mother. "Thank you. Why didn't you woke me up?"I asked." "Sorry dear. Now go and get ready" She told. "Why mom?" I asked impatiently. "You have to go to temple.. Did you forget it's your birthday" she told. I got dressed up quickly of the special

semiya paayasam

and my grandfather's special chicken biriyani. I walked to the nearby temple, there I prayed there asking birthday special wishes to almighty. Then I reached home and I saw my father lighting the candle on the cake. Excitingly I cut the cake and gave the pieces and chocolates to Pinky my neighbour as well as my best friend. Seeing me she ran eagerly near me to wish me "

happy birthday my dear friend".

She was panting so much that she almost completed

my dear.. friend.

Then we both ran playfully to my house to drink a cup of


Just before the sweetness of it was gone we ran out to the ground where there were many long green grasses moving in the morning breeze. I gone close to a bunch of grass and I tried to pull it off. It didn't came off but I saw a sharp stroke on my four little fingers. Within no time blood came out from the four fingers. The small finger couldn't reach the long tip of the grass and it had a narrow escape. To my surprise it didn't hurt me. Seeing this play Pinky also did the same. Her pinkish white soft fingers turned red and she started to cry. Her grandmother heard this and she told the whole story to my grandmother. She looked me in a way that I got melted like a candle. Because it was few days before that I had hurt my thumb playing with an old used blade to cut some leaves to make a dish after fed up of playing with the fake knife. And that day I got a lo of beatings for my mischief from my grandmother. Forgetting everything happened I walked to dining room waiting for special chicken biriyani. My stomach was so full that it could burst at any moment. Next day morning my mother woke me up and then I gone to the ground where that


blades stood (

From that day I named it grass blade). There I saw something wierd on its tip.

"O what's this? Is this a shaving foam? Or anybody has spit on it?" Then I left there and gone to play with Pinky with my hidden curiosity in mind. When the sky turned black and before the first drop of rain could fell down I ran to my home.

That six year old child had forgotten about the foamed grass blade. Curiosity faded by time.

Realising that the foam on the grass was a form of dew drop it remains as a funny event and the story of

grass blade

ended there.....

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