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Bhargavi Mc
Writing has been my favorite past time ever since i was a kid, i may not be good at it, yet I love doing it.... Hope you like my writing... I have a blog in word press.. with the following urllonelyheart2494.wordpress.com and lonelyheartpoems.wordpress.comHope you would love them too... :)
Bhargavi Mc
The Lake
Around the our School
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It was seven o’ five when my sister pulled me out of my bed. Mondays were the hardest of all, and this morning it was worst; as the rain outside reduced the temperature to few more degrees lower. A cup of Horlicks and spicy buji was something that tiny tummy wanted but my sister had other plans for me, she rushed me into the bathroom. Being little there was no shame I feel, as I rubbed my eyes as she undressed me. The cold wind that hit my dusky skin made my body shiver. Even before I could wake my sleeping brain the hot water that she poured turned cold in seconds. After the Bath holding on tight the towel I stood with no interest to get ready. Yet the was nothing that my tiny heart would do but let her dress me up. Having a roll of Chapthi warming the hot potato filling, I envied potatoes that got to be rolled inside the blanket of dough. The heart that could look at its comfort ordered the mouth to eat every tiny bit of it. It was half past seven, time to go get the bus to school, the rain that was pouring heavily, handing out two umbrellas for me and my sister, my mom set us off for the day. Getting in to the bus that me my class mates get in everyday, we sat four in a set of two to warm each other. The bus reached school at half past eight. It was eight but it felt life five in the morning. The back gate that we usually used to get in from was closed, and a glimpse inside our eyes caught the water that was surrounding the building. Walking to the front gate under our tiny umbrellas we giggled saying there is pool for us to learn swimming. The black shoes had turned brown when we reached the gate. The school building that was constructed below the ground level surrounding the huge ground around it looked like an island now with ground that was filled with water. My swetha left sad that P.E. class will be cancelled and we would have to eat at our desks today. As we walked towards the building the water level raised till our ankles. Getting in we could see the junior classes had water inside. There were five year toddlers playing in that muddy water as few teachers tried to control the hand full. Few higher grade boys rushed towards the back entrance and jumped into the water to swim. Behind them there was our P.E. sir shouting get “out of the lake”, and then he corrected “water”. Those boys were pulled out and sent to principles room. As we entered our class room on 1st floor, all the 4th graders were shivering as the teacher covered in leather court marked the attendance. There were no lessons for the day, we were chit chatting about the new lake we had in our backward. Few mins latter when it was half past nine, our class teacher came to inform that classes were cancelled due to heavy rain. We can return home. Me , Swetha and Bency started walking towards the bus stop in rain holding umbrellas, playing in the rain. Then in the bus stop they informed buses were cancelled. We looked in our pockets, we had only three rupees. Looking around we found a 1pr coin phone. Bency tried to call her dad, the network was out. I tried to call my dad it was not connecting. We started walking back to school, we were drenched in rain when we reached back gate. Sunil Brother of the church shooed us away screaming, “Get Back inside the school from front gate, its closed here.” The water that poured down the road towards us made us feel its impossible to walk back there. We went to the bus stop again, I heard my dad scream at us. In an auto he called me in. Bency called her dad he told he is already a mile away from us and she could wait in under the bus stop. Auto riksha wala told dad, “Sir let me go back to your place or you get down.” The water level is increasing every second the engine will crash”. Brave Bency told my dad “uncle you go, my dad is near on his bike.” Swetha spoke up “You leave Bhargavi; I will come with bency once her dad is back.” Within we spoke her dad arrived. The bike and auto raced towards our houses… Once in house, my mom asked me how was school. Inside a Lake I laughed. This was a story when a storm hit our town years ago. J

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