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vinaya chandan reddy
vinaya chandan reddy
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(“ final bell is ringing background at school” Students started packing their bags) “ well, enjoy your weekend, and be prepare for Monday final exam,” said teacher. (“ Teacher left class room, everyone left school”  “Mike unlocking his bicycle.”) “Hey, I’m very scared about math exam,” said Kevin. “Don’t worry Kevin, I got solution for our problem”, said mike. “ what ??, really how ?, tell me,” said Kevin.  “ not here, meet me at my home today,” said mike. “ okay, but I will go home by 8 o’clock otherwise mom will kills me,” said Kevin with slow voice. “ okay, come home as soon as possible,” said mike. (“ mike reaches his home, throws his bag in his room”) “ honey, you’re home,” said mike’s home. “Yah, mom and Kevin coming home”, said mike. “ oh nice. Can I make something for you both,” said mike’s mom. “No need mom, we need to prepare for the exam, so don’t disturb us okay please,” said mike. “ okay,” said mike’s mom. (“Kevin reaches mike home, went into mike’s room”) “ hey mike, how we are gonna crack this exam tell me ?,” said kevin.  “ last night I got an idea, we are going to do that,” said mike. “Really. What’s that idea ? ,” asked Kevin with little excitement. “ we are going to take someone help for exam,” said mike. “ oh ! Who ?,” said Kevin.  “ a ghost,” said mike.  “ what ? Why ghost can help us ?, and where we gonna find a ghost”, said Kevin with a hesitation. ( mike took his bag, and takes a board out) “ this board going to help us, to find well educated ghost,” said mike with a evil face. “ what is this ?,” said Kevin with confused face. “ it is a spirit game board, we are going to play spirit game,” said mike and adds a evil laugh. “ my dad said there is no existence of ghost,” said Kevin. “ ok we will find out,” said mike and locks the room door.  ( Kevin turns of the lights in room. They sit both sides of board. Put there both direction finger on pointer ) “ spirit come, spirit come,” mike repeated again and again, and Kevin follows mike.  “ slowly pointer moves towards “START” sign and stops on start “ “ are u like to talk with us,” said mike with a slow voice. “ pointer moves towards “YES” and stops “ “ how many ghosts exited here ? Right now,” asked mike. “ pointer moves towards “1”and stops” “ we are have a deal with you. “ We are going to ask a favour and we will help you fulfil one dream of you. “Deal”,” said mike. “ pointer moves towards “YES” and stops” “ we are going to take an interview to you on maths. Are you okay with that ?,” said mike. “ pointer moves towards “YES” and stops.” “ ask a tough question Kevin,” said mike.  (“Kevin took his book out”) “ 2+4*5+8+5*6=?,” said Kevin.  “ pointer moves fast and stops at 6&0” “ that’s so quick,” said mike. “Yeah, so fast,” said Kevin. “ we have 4th standard math exam on Monday, we need help, will you help us,” said Kevin. “ pointer moves towards “NO” and stops “ “ please help us, only once next we will do extra effort for maths,” said mike. “ pointer moves towards “NO” and stops “ “ please help us, we will give one of our body to you for an hour,” said Kevin.  “ what are you talking ?,” said mike with a angry question mark face. “ nothing going to happen,don’t. Worry,” said Kevin with calm voice. “ we will give you one of our body for an hour, and only for soft work. Like driving, and watching your family, and less problems creating works okay,” said Kevin. “ pointer moves towards “NO”, and turns back moves towards “YES”, and stops.” “ our exam on Monday morning 10 o’clock, and make some practice okay,” said Kevin.  “ pointer moves towards “YES”, and stops.” “ okay then bye,” said mike. “ pointer moves towards “ GOOD BYE “ and stop.”


: “ exam starts and ghost take mike’s body and completes his with in ten minutes, after that ghost takes over Kevin and completes his exam another ten minutes. Both checks their exam answers. Few minutes later they submit the exam papers and left the hall. “ “ ghost take over Kevin’s body reaches a flower shop and buys a bouquet.” “ always be happy, and I always miss you, GOOD BYE. - DAD “ writes ghost. “ ghost leaves bouquet on door steps, and leaves “ “ ghost leaves Kevin in school back” Mike and Kevin completes school and they reached mike’s home.  Mike’s sees a bouquet on his door steps, and reaches bouquet. That bouquet is with address of his died Father.                                                      - vinaya chandan reddy.T

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