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I write Prose in english. My work is in Fiction genres. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since 19th December 2020.
The Music Box
Make your own Magic
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Dear Santa, In the midst of the cold weather, when the land is dry and the hearts weep, the spirit of Christmas is what pushes us to look beyond the despair. It turns the barren snow covered land into bright wonderland illuminated by colorful lights and each house would be thick with the comforting aroma of baked goodies. But this year the world wide pandemic has hit us all hard and yet we all have faced it with courage and faith for a better future. So connected to this I have a small story which I hope would bring a smile onto your face. This is the story of Aleena, a young lass who lived with her grandma. They were one of the families severely affected by the pandemic and lockdown. Like any young child even she had an ardent desire to put up a star but alas even filling her belly was a tedious task. on the eve of Christmas, Aleena and her granny decided to make a few pancakes because an actual cake was a luxury for them. By the time they were ready it was almost midnight. Suddenly there was a knock and our dear Aleena came out to see a frail old man ready to collapse. He stated how he had not had food in over a week. Without a second thought she gave her share of pancakes to him. Filled with gratitude he gave her a tiny music box and said that her most fervent desire would be answered. With a soft smile she accepted it and they separated. By the time it was early morning Aleena couldn't contain her hunger and the cold nipped her skin. Through the thatched roof small rays of light peeked in which fell on the music box. with trembling heart but unwavering faith she took it and wished for a better future for her and her grandma. Sir Nicholas, I believe you know what happened next so I wont be boring you with the details of their happily ever after but I hope like Aleena and her granny , all those people who had suffered this year would also find their happily ever after soon. love Devika A Story by Devika Panicker. M 2nd DC Botany St. Teresa's College (Autonomous), Ernakulam

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