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Gyanendra Kumar
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 31, 2020.
Gyanendra Kumar
The roommate
The secret of the roommate....
  2 Mins Read

A roommate..... It was a time of summers when Nina shifted to a new place for her higher studies. She has to share a room with her new friend at college named Larry. She met Larry on her first day of college and when they both decided to take two rooms for lease, Larry agreed and they took one in the nearby house which is close to the college. But one thing was uncommon in both Larry would not allow Nina into her room after 12.00 everyday, and she says, She does some important work at that time. Nina thought she would be having a secret boyfriend of which she might not be liking to tell. So abiding these small terms Nina would never enter her room after 12 every night and in the morning before 6 Larry would come out of her room and fresh up and they would go to college. Nina tried to ask many a times about that boyfriend thing or what she does at night after 12. But Larry always denied to tell what she actually does. Similarly, 3 years passed and now they were close to their sixth sem-end exams, and now it was high time and Nina was impatient to know what would she do during all night. Now she decided to peep inside her room at After 12.00. It was night. Nina baited good night to Larry and went to sleep. But this night Nina decided to know the truth of her terms. She when the clock striked 12.00 slowly peeped into her room. She was shocked and was afraid of what she saw, her friend Larry was turning round along with the fan, she was upside down and Nina can see her face, it was dark and was expression less. She got so scared that her body stopped responding. That night she just fell there but she was fortunate that she got up before Larry and immediately went to her Owner of the house, and told everything. When Nina heard the response of the owner, she became insane and mad. The owner said " Sorry Nina but 3 years back only you came to me to lease this house. No one was with you that day and I didn't saw any Larry kind of thing with you, but ya you were talking to yourself sometimes I thought you would be stressed out and doing such unnatural things. " After hearing that Nina became mad and left the house. And no body has seen neither Nina nor that Larry after that day onwards. Gyanendra Kumar B. Com (hons.) Bhavans Vivekananda college, sainikpuri

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