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Minna Miriya Cemarajh
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Love, Mythology, Romance. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 9, 2020.
Minna Miriya Cemarajh
the special guest
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The entrance to the community college was heavily crowded blocking the entrance of that day's invited spoke person to the auditorium. 8 March dutiful celebrated women's day, a day people remember who a '


is but i think women should be appreciated everyday not just to be stuck on a single day appreciation. The auditorium was filled with students and another adults. The principal spoke about her views after a long list of other dignitaries spoke and finally handed the spot over to the invited guest : Samantha Roa. She raised herself to the mike and introduced herself

" I'm Samantha Roa, a simple homemaker and mother of one of their students yet much more than any eyes could behold."

She did hear some grumpy voice and a loud voice asking her what rights she has , to be invited as a noble guest? " I'm proud to say I'm a woman and i have every right to stand here for that fact" Her reply was a slap to the face for many who doubted or questioned her importance. " I welcome the one who raised the question out loud on to the stage....the one and only Jaison Wawters....my husband!" The guy walked over with a smile playing on his lips, on to the stage to share the spot with his wife. " He just raised the same question that ran through your minds just out loud and he received the answer he looked for : a woman doesn't have to be '


receive respect and appreciation. I'm here on behalf of all woman and tell a few things that i think should change. As a mother I worry about the safety of my daughter more than my son because the society taught me so.... I explained everything that my daughter should be aware of but nearly one third of the same goes to my son. I believe this is an injustice! A boy should be taught to respect and appreciate woman rather than asking a girl to not to do this and not to do that. I raised the same on some social gatherings and meetings to receive a few good response from unmarried girls and many more criticism from mothers. I won't blame them for this is what is followed and practicted till today. Its about time we changed it. Woman cannot do this all alone, we need men even let it be even the tiniest support , it would be a hope. Last week my eldest son came home with bruises in his face and blood stains on his shirt. I was worried as any mother would be. I asked him what happened? He just said , 'ohh its just a girl maa' i was terrified of his answer. Many senarioes came into my mind amd my eyes filled up with water . After a few seconds he continued ,' a girl was being bullied for not giving into a boy that he started calling her names and comparing her to others. Although everyone saw this they didn't mind that like this was something so usual. He started to pressure her and raised his hand against him and i hit him. I know that i shouldn't and that you guys have taught me better but he dared to raise his hands against a girl maa .... A girl! Ya and i did bring him into a hospital and this is his blood and you should be expecting a call from college" " After he said so he turned around and went to carry out his work. I was dumbstruck. He knew better than to involve in fights but his respect for a girl was given more priority of all the things we taught him. I have to give credit to my husband for that. He made sure that our children grew up in a house where parents and siblings are treated with love and respect regardless of some occasional


as my daughter would call it. Teaching our children is our job and if they push those into their actions it is our success! Don't discourage anyone with the idea of feminism. Its upto us to find the true meaning of this instead of how we perceive this. Anyway i would like to conclude by saying

A boy should check his character by asking himself if he would date or marry off his own daughter to someone just like him. If its a no, man! You have a long way to go. Your character should reflect who you want your daughter to be with. This would solve 80% of gender criss.

Thank you all" She got back to her seat together with her husband with loud claps trailing her. The rest went well and students where asked to write a report on this. So this is all for today. This is Saira Roa Wawters signing off from the college radio station untill we meet next time. P.s. Thats my mother! Minna Miriya Cemarajh Bvoc food processing technology St.teresa's college , Ernakulam

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