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I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Crime, Fantasy, Fiction, Love, Romance, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 17, 2020.
Then a mistake, but now a memory!
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The date and time, I don't remember. One thing I was sure is that at that time I was a small little girl who did not have any knowledge about the things around me. This incident had happened during a time when I was having fever. My mother was right there beside me taking care of me in every possible ways she could. Then later on, my mother went to the kitchen to bring me some food.The medicines and the love and care of my mother was taking a good effect on me and I was slowly recovering from my fever. So the small naughty little devil inside me who was asleep for the past 3-4 days was waking up.My mother was taking a little longer than usual to return from the kitchen, so I started to get bored,all alone in the room. I slowly woke up and suddenly caught sight of an attractive small glass container with a blue lid on my table. I went near and took a look at it to find out what was inside it. At first I thought not to open it but the little devil in me, tempted me and at last I fell prey to this temptation. I opened and took outside a thin glass tube with a shiny silver end on one side. I saw few markings on it but I didn't really understand what it was. I thought it was a kind of pen because that shiny end seemed like a nib to me. I took it and started to scribble using that on a book which was there on my table. I was not able to write anything using it. I became so furious and suddenly threw it on the floor. It shattered into many pieces and a small silver colour thing was moving to and fro on the ground. I was so shocked and scared and started to cry. I quickly went to the kitchen to see my mother, my solace in time of trouble. She became so frightened and desperately asked me what had happened. I wanted to tell her that I broke something but I didn't know what its name was, and suddenly what came out of my mouth was that "I broke the computer!". My mother was so shocked hearing me saying that I broke the computer, because it was just recently bought in our home. She suddenly took me in her arms and rushed to the spot (my room).Seeing the scattered glass pieces on the floor , my mother became very angry but at the same time I noticed a small smile on her face. She had smiled because the thing which I had broken was not a computer but a thermometer and the small silver pieces moving on the floor was the mercury inside it! Even though she became angry she did not scold me for two reasons - one, I was having fever and another was that she was happy to find that the computer was not destroyed. And I luckily escaped from her smacks and scoldings on that day.But,she did give a warning to me! Even today I don't know why I told it was a computer and I still laugh thinking about this !! I knew it was a mistake done by me because I should not have taken things which were not supposed to be taken by me.I should not have fallen prey to the temptation of the devil. But as humans , we tend to make mistakes but we must learn from our mistakes and correct our behaviour in the future. Though it was a great mistake at that time because I had destroyed an asset, but now when I turn back the pages of my childhood, this foolish thing that I had told brings joy to my mind. This mistake has become a wonderful memory in my life!! Aleena Mary Dcouth St.Teresa's College,Autonomous, Ernakulam 1st year Bcom Finance and Taxation (Regular)

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