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Megha Sudhir
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Fiction, Historical Fiction, Lyrics, Mythology. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since November 19, 2020.
Megha Sudhir
Times we miss
The childhood wish we got.
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I have so many memories of my childhood out of which is one that when I was a toddler and when my parents took me outside to a restaurant which was rare experience. We have seen so many toddlers and even me included used to play with forks, spoons and knives at our table while parents used to grab them from our hands and we used to cry because of it. I was one step ahead and I feel like this is what made me a social person. So during those days when we didn't have any risk of germs and using sanitisers (we did use it though with added protection: sanitiser wipes) I used to move all around the restaurant as all toddlers do when they are exploring and when the food came I didnt want to eat from our own table but rather I used to go to every other strangers table and used to eat their food. Literally. I used to go to everyones table and just open my mouth and try to communicate to that person to feed me. And people used to feed me. My parents would obviously the next moment drag me out of the restaurant after taking a parcel of the unfinished food at our table. Another memory would be that we used to come home late whenever we went out, so everytime when we were closer to the area of home, I used to cry and throw a tantrum because I didn't want to go home. As I'm writing this I feel like im still the same child (minus the tantrums and screams). I never want to get home but home is where all things come together and be together. Such good memories to remember. Megha Sudhir, St. Teresas College, Ernakulam

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