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kavi Ramya
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Fiction, Inspiration, Love, Mythology, Romance, Spiritual, Thriller. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since October 7, 2020.
kavi Ramya
True love!
Love knows no Age!
  4 Mins Read

"Hey! Let's go out. Did you forget today is our special day? We completed 25 years of our journey together!" said Siya, with a smile on her face. "I know. Kids already have arranged the party and we celebrated right? It's almost now half past 11 in the night. It is time to sleep, dear. Tomorrow we can plan to go out. Corona is also a cause of my concern. Please, honey!" said Raghav, feeling tiresome due to party eve and concerned about the pandemic. Siya felt dejected and made a sad smiley face. Raghav looking at her face felt bad and said "Okay! Let's go. But only for an hour or two. You decide the place. I will get ready. Don't forget face mask" with an eye wink. Siya was excited and said "you are looking good. No need to waste the given time on getting ready. No need for a mask or sanitizer. Come with me" holding his arm. "After I take you there I am sure you will be excited too and forget the constraints.", said Siya to herself. A few moments later... The sweet old couple reached the terrace where Siya had made few arrangements. Seeing those arrangements, Raghav was awestruck. His eyes twinkled. "Did you do these all?" asked Raghav, feeling thrilled. "Not really. I became old dear. I took the help of our kids. Did you like it?" said Siya blushing and looking into his eyes. The Bed was decorated with flowers. The table beside it was posing with a family photograph on it. Balloons were tied around the bed. The sky was shining bright with stars and the moon ready to dance with the couple. Raghav hugged Siya and thanked her with a kiss on her cheek. "Okay! Now, what?" asked Raghav, grooving into the celebration mode. "Nothing much. Talk!" said Siya, with a pleasant smile. "What? That's all you want. Don't you want to feast or do something extraordinary like dancing together, watching a movie?" said Raghav, with a weird look. "Dear, I just want you to talk with me pouring your heartfelt feelings today. Not only about our life," said Siya, cherishing their moments. "What is there to talk? Okay. Did you know today our grandchild Naren won second prize in a competition?" said Raghav, struggling to start a conversation. "I said only about us, not about our children or grandchildren. Years have passed within a snap of a finger, dear. It's time for us to talk about ourselves. You never know when God's call may reach us. So before we lose our partnership, let us share our feelings that we stopped sharing due to the responsibilities that became our top priority a long time ago." said Siya sharply. "I love the way you dress even at this age. I love the way you enjoy living your life. I love the way you take care of me, their kids, and their kids. I love you in every essence, dear. I love you so much that I can't express it in words. One more thing dear, love is something that can never be preached or expressed in just words. It is everything that is expressed in form of action. I still remember you taking care of me when I was bedridden for 6 months due to my spine injury last year. The care you showed was love, the affection you showered on me was love, the feelings that went unnoticed by others but especially taken by me was love, the gestures you expressed were love. In every fight, the concern you showed to me was love. The way you accepted my family as a newly Wed bride and made them our family was love. The way you took care of every family member was the way of expressing love to me. It shows how strongly you were attached to me. You are my true soulmate!" said Raghav, with tears of happiness flowing through his eyes. "I don't want anything else from you. Thank you! You gave me a surprise by expressing your love this way. I must admit Covid 19 has brought our busy hearts together. This is what I was longing to hear! I am reliving the day you proposed to me for marriage. It was nearly 26 years ago. But still, those words kept lingering in my mind occasionally. Thank you! Thank you for being a special part of my life." said Siya, holding his palm and hugged him with joyful tears "I hope post-pandemic after your office reopens, you don't have so much work like a year before. You can spend with me quality time like in the Covid situation. Am I right?" winked Siya. Raghav laughed a lot "Okay! So this is the reason that called for our celebration on this terrace. You naughty woman!" pulled her cheek gently. They spent the night gazing at moons and stars and recollecting their golden memories. After gaining a sense of satisfaction of opening their heart held feelings, they slipped into a deep sleep. ************ True love never fades away with Age!!

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