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I write Poetry in தமிழ். My work is in Love genres. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since February 13, 2020.
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black world
full of dark
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BINNY , where are you going , wait i will come. But mam my feet won't wait. Come fast. During night BINNY and her mother lAZZY enjoying their game. Everyday lAZZY got this task. BINNY have a one azaming power in that black. That is she fly fast than any bats, she have a 100 knights power, and more power hide her inside that is she change anything else what she wish,but she don't know that power only. BINNY loves light than dark. In the black world everyone like BINNY very much for not only her position of princess but they loves her behaviours . If any one meet BINNY they surely love her. But she was very natty girl in that world. She was totally differs from her race. But she likes her and enjoy it . ORM was a main character in this world. Because likes him very much. BINNY spend more time with him. ORM was a binny's cousin, and best friend. Binny, i catch you. Today also your loser said ORM. Oh! ORM please don't help my mam. Why you help my mam. Because you make het as toy. And more over i love my aunt. About lAZZY i catch binny come quick. Oh time god thank you ORM. Come on binny eat your insects , then play. ORM and binny eat their dinner. And they start their hiding game . Binny i I'm surely indentify you. Oh ni i hide one good place , where, where. Oh sure this room. Binny open that room and enter. Suddenly one huge insect appear and try to kill binny. Binny shouted very loudly and she became unconscious. lAZZY, MANGLO, ORM everyone in the palace come and help binny. That huge insect is NARZY . NARZY have a changing power. Binny come to conscious and told everything to her dad. But her dad reoiled that no, binny its your dream. But she only know that is true. Binny sitting alone in her room and thing about that insect. She want to know what is that. Then she suddenly go to that room without making sound . Servants were going to sleep she silently go to that room. In that binny saw one amazing thing. That is one old bat sitting aLone and playing with one cute cat. Binny can't understanding what is going on . And she return her room quickly because of her fear about that insect. She thing why dad don't say about that old bat living in our palace. First i seem one insect in that room and now I see one old bat in the same room. Binny slowly going her sleep in that dark night. But other bats in that world won't sleep. Next morning she go to ORM room and told everything. ORM believe her words because he like her very much. And two people went to that room. Other bats are going to sleep. In that dark world morning are like night, night like morning. Every bats are like only nights include ORM. But he control his sleep and go with binny. Binny enter that room. But no one there. Binny and ORM search everywhere . Binny see one rat. Suddenly ORM try to eat that rat. Suddenly rat turns as old bat. ORM become uncountable. Binny standing like tree in front of old bat. That old bat look like binny and she smile as devil. Binny heart beats going to fast.

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Arushi Sharma

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