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Sai Sree
I won't say I am a great writer but, I believe that my writings will make you remember the moment's you cherished the most and the feelings which you longed to forget. "Everyone isn't the same but everyone has LOVE in common".
Sai Sree
Short and Sweet
#short #sweet #furstlove #keerthi #jaya #viren #sumanth
  9 Mins Read


, a simple girl who believes Love is beautiful.


, a tomboy who is fearless and not interested in Love.


, a study bug who doesn’t have time for Love.


, a chill type who believes date the person before you get committed.

What do you think will happen when it’s a triangle story? What will the girl do? Will she choose the friendship between both guys or her Love? Will they sacrifice? Will they still be friends? Is it always true that a third person breaks a relationship?

Wanna know?


KEERTHI AND JAYA ARE WALKING IN THE CORRIDOR. KEERTHI LOOKS AT VIREN Keerthi just go and tell Viren what you feel about him. We don't even talk, how will I tell him? It's okay, just tell him before he becomes busy with exams. I will think about it. Okay, let's go to class, it's about to start, you can stare at him after class. Jaya. JAYA SMILES. It's really fun to see your expression when I ask you to stop staring at him. BOTH ENTER CLASS. AFTER CLASSES VIREN SIT'S ON STAIR'S WHILE LOOKING AT HIS PHONE. He is alone go and tell him. Come with me, Jaya. How can I come? Please. Let's do one thing I will wait near the door you tell him. Okay. KEERTHI AND JAYA WALK TOWARDS VIREN. SUMANTH COMES TO VIREN. BOTH KEERTHI AND JAYA STOP. I will tell him tomorrow. You do this everyday Keerthi. Tomorrow, I will tell him for sure. Promise? Yeah, Promise. SUMANTH LOOKS AT KEERTHI. Viren, I will just come. Okay. SUMANTH COMES TO JAYA AND KEERTHI. Jaya can I talk to you alone? JAYA AND KEERTHI LOOK AT EACH OTHER. I will wait near canteen Keerthi. JAYA LEAVES. KEERTHI LOOKS AT SUMANTH. Keerthi, I like you. Sumanth. No need to the answer right now take your time. We can date for some days and when you get feelings too, tell me. Bye. SUMANTH LEAVES. KEERTHI COMES TO JAYA. KEERTHI IS CALM. What happened? KEERTHI HAS WATERY EYES. Why are you crying? Did Sumanth say something? KEERTHI TELL'S WHOLE CONVERSATION. I can't come between their friendship. It's okay, everything will be fine. THEY LEAVE HOME. KEERTHI IS CALM AT HOME. NEXT DAY. KEERTHI DOESN'T COME TO COLLEGE. SUMANTH COMES TO JAYA. Jaya, where is Keerthi? I heard everything from Keerthi, Sumanth. Okay. Sumanth, I will tell you a situation to tell me what you would do? Whose situation? A girl loves a boy and one day she takes courage and decides to tell the guy. Within she tells the guy, one of his friends comes and proposes to her. SUMANTH LOOKS AT JAYA. She is worried she will be the reason their friendship breaks? Does Keerthi like Viren? Yeah. Then, I am happy for them? But, you said you like her. Yeah, I like her but I thought to date her first and decide. Don't you have a problem? Viren is a really good friend of mine since Childhood but, he always carries loneliness with him. I hope Keerthi can remove that loneliness in him. Are you sacrificing for your friend? No, everyone knows in college that I prefer to date before getting into a relationship. Okay. Say Keerthi to forget about it and come to college and let's keep this secret. Why? Because I have an image to maintain. SUMANTH AND JAYA LAUGH AND GIVE HI-FIVE. SUMANTH LEAVES. SUMANTH IS CALM WHOLE DAY. EVENING. JAYA CALL'S KEERTHI. KEERTHI LIFTS THE CALL. Yeah, Jaya. Before you say anything promise me you won't scold me, Keerthi. Did you do anything stupid again? First, promise me. Okay, I promise you, now tell me. I talked to Sumanth today. Jaya. First, listen to me. Sumanth understood that you like Viren and he doesn't have any problem with it. What? JAYA TELLS THEIR WHOLE CONVERSATION. Are you coming to college tomorrow? Yeah, I will come. Okay, bye. Bye. KEERTHI DAD( KARNA) COMES TO HER. Dad. KEERTHI HUG'S KARNA. Your Mom said you were upset. Now it's fine but I have some doubt. Is it about Viren? Yeah, dad. Did you propose to him? No, dad. Then. KEERTHI TELLS EVERYTHING. What is the problem? I just want to know what Sumanth said is true or not. Ask him. How can I? Okay, do one thing. Tomorrow when you talk to him look into his eyes you will know. Dad. Okay, just talk to him. I am scared, dad. Keerthi it's not your mistake or his mistake that you guys are in this situation. Okay, I will talk to him tomorrow. NEXT DAY KEERTHI GOES TO SUMANTH. Hai. Hi. Can we talk? Yeah, sure. KEERTHI AND SUMANTH SIT ON STAIRS. I just wanna know the truth from Sumanth. I already told Jaya everything. Sumanth I don't blame you or me for the situation we are in, it's not our fault. Thanks for understanding Keerthi. I am not gonna tell Viren anything about how I feel because I know that you meant what you said to me. SUMANTH LOOKS AT KEERTHI. Keerthi you just said it's not our fault then why are you blaming yourself. Because I can't come between you both. I trust you Keerthi and I know you will never become a reason if anything happens between me and Viren. Just tell him how you feel and be there for him and trust me we can be great friends. KEERTHI SMILES. So, friends? Yeah. KEERTHI COMES TO CLASS. Sorted? Yeah. JAYA SMILES. AFTER A WEEK. LECTURER ENTERS CLASS I have something important to say to everyone. ALL STUDENTS ARE CALM. We made a study plan and divided you guys into groups. There will be a test every week and after that, there will be mock tests after 2 months which you can attend by staying here or at your home. If any doubts discuss in the group and then come to us. Did everyone get it? ALL STUDENTS LOOK AT EACHOTHER. VIREN, SUMANTH, KEERTHI, AND JAYA ARE IN THE SAME GROUP ALONG WITH TWO OTHER CLASSMATES. ALL START STUDYING. VIREN HELPS KEERTHI AND EXPLAINS PROBLEMS IN THE EASY WAY. FOUR OF THEM BECOME CLOSE FRIENDS. KEERTHI AND JAYA START IMPROVING WHILE VIREN PREPARES FOR HIS BUSINESS COLLEGE ADMISSION. AFTER TWO MONTHS. Tell him. I will tell him after the exams. He will be busy after the exams. Tell him now. KEERTHI GOES TO VIREN. Hi Viren. Hi Keerthi. I am sure you will get a seat at Narayannama College. You will also crack IIT don't worry. Happy that at least one person is supportive. Viren I want to tell you about something. Yeah, tell. KEERTHI LOOKS AT JAYA. JAYA SIGNS TO TELL. Keerthi. Tell, what you wanna say. I like you Viren, since our school. VIREN LOOKS AT KEERTHI SHOCKED. Keerthi you are my good friend. I want to concentrate on my college seat as you already know how my parents are. Sorry, Keerthi. Okay, Viren. KEERTHI IS CALM. I understood no need to tell anything. JAYA TELLS KEERTHI PARENTS ABOUT WHAT HAS HAPPENED. KARNA GOES TO KEERTHI. Sad? KEERTHI HUG'S KARNA. KARNA CONSOLES KEERTHI. Look at me Kittu(Keerthi nickname). KEERTHI LOOKS AT KARNA. See kittu, if you cry does anything change? Tell me? Will your problem get solved? Dad. I am not telling you not to cry I am telling you that you are lucky that you got to spend two memorable months with your first love. Not everyone is lucky to get that chance. KEERTHI STOPS CRYING. I know your heart is broken but you also know that Viren didn't hurt you intentionally. Everyone has their right when it comes to relationships. Be happy that he finds confidence in himself when you support him. KEERTHI IS CALM. Support him like a good friend. Okay. JAYA TELLS SUMANTH EVERYTHING. SUMANTH COMES TO VIREN. Why did you reject her? You knew it before and didn't tell me. Yeah, I know it but I promised Keerthi I won't tell you anything because it's her personal life. VIREN LOOKS AT SUMANTH. Viren, she is a good person. Yeah, I know that but, you also know how my life is Sumanth. SUMANTH IS CALM. If I don't get into IIT, my parents will be angry and in this present situation, I only want to concentrate on my exams. SUMANTH HUG'S VIREN. It's okay Viren. KEERTHI MESSAGES VIREN. VIREN CHECKS THE MESSAGE. Keerthi: It's not compulsory that you should feel the same. I am just happy that I told what I feel and I truly hope that you take it lightly and concentrate on your dream college. I will always be a good friend and I will never discuss this topic again with you. Just concentrate on the exam and make us feel proud teacher😊😊. All the best. SUMANTH AND VIREN SMILE. KEERTHI GET'S MESSAGE. Viren: Make me proud, student. All the best for the exam. Prepare well. 😊😊 .. Happy now? That's the reason, I said she is a good person. VIREN LOOKS AT SUMANTH. I will never discuss this again. VIREN AND SUMANTH SMILE. KEERTHI HUG'S HER PARENTS. KEERTHI LEAVES TO HER GRANDMOTHER PLACE. AFTER A MONTH. ALL GIVE THE EXAMS. IT'S RESULTS DAY JAYA CALLS KEERTHI Keerthi. Hi, Jaya. How is everything? Yeah, fine just came today from grandma's place. I tried calling but there were no signals in the village. Same here. When will the results come out? At 12, Jaya. Okay. How is Sumanth? JAYA SMILES. Don't worry Viren and Sumanth are completely fine. JAYA AND KEERTHI SMILE. THEY SIT TALKING. Keerthi it's time. Okay, Jaya I will call you as soon as I check results. Okay, me too. KEERTHI GETS 850 RANK WHILE JAYA GETS 920 rank. ALL ARE HAPPY. KEERTHI AND JAYA FAMILY PLAN TRIP. JAYA COMES TO KEERTHI HOME. KEERTHI CALLS SUMANTH. Hi Sumanth. Hi, Keerthi. Hi Sumanth. Hai Jaya. Going Bangalore? Yeah, I got accepted. Congratulations Sumanth.Congrats Sumanth. Thank you. Sumanth, what about Viren? He got a good rank. Okay. THREE OF THEM TALK. KEERTHI MESSAGES CONGRATULATIONS FOR VIREN. ALL GO ON TRIP. SUMANTH CALLS KEERTHI. Keerthi are you free? Yeah. Meet me at Coffe Shop we go with Jaya. Did anything happen? I will tell you guys after coming here. Okay, Sumanth. KEERTHI CALLS JAYA. Jaya get ready I am coming to pick you up, Sumanth called telling it's urgent. Okay, Keerthi. BOTH LEAVE TO COFFEE SHOP. JAYA AND KEERTHI COME. What happened Sumanth? It's about Viren. What happened to Viren? He didn't get into IIT. But, you said he got a good score. He missed by one mark. KEERTHI AND JAYA LOOK AT EACHOTHER. Keerthi, talk to Viren once he is not lifting my calls. Okay, I will. ALL LEAVE TO VIREN HOUSE. VIREN PARENTS ARE SHOUTING AT VIREN. Dad I will get it next time trust me. What is the guarantee, Viren? What if you fail completely next time? Do you want me to waste money on you again? VIREN IS CALM. KEERTHI GOES INSIDE. Hai Keerthi. VIREN LOOKS AT KEERTHI. Hi uncle. Hi aunty. Congratulations Keerthi you got a good score. Thanks, aunty but, without Viren help, I wouldn't have got such a good score. Why are you thanking him for your hard work? Because Viren helped me a lot in the two months that helped me getting such a good score. ALL ARE CALM. SUMANTH AND JAYA COME INSIDE. Uncle just give him one chance to prove himself. What if he doesn't get the seat again? He will uncle, you just have to support Viren. KEERTHI CONVINCES VIREN PARENTS. I will find a good longterm college. VIREN AND ALL ARE HAPPY. ALL COME TO VIREN. Thanks, Keerthi. KEERTHI SMILES. You will get it for sure, Viren. Thanks, Keerthi. VIREN JOINS LONGTERM. SUMANTH LEAVES TO BANGALORE. KEERTHI AND JAYA GET SEAT IN NARAYANAMMA. VIREN AND KEERTHI TALK ON THE PHONE. KEERTHI SUPPORTS VIREN WHENEVER HE FEELS LOW. VIREN WORKS HARD. YEAR PASSES. VIREN COMES HOME AFTER WRITING EXAMS. SUMANTH COMES TO VIREN'S HOME. SUMANTH HUG'S VIREN. I want to meet Keerthi. SUMANTH SMILES. Come, let's go. SUMANTH CALLS JAYA. Yeah, Sumanth. I am coming with Viren don't tell anything to Keerthi. Okay. JAYA SMILES. JAYA CALLS KEERTHI. Keerthi do we have class? No, it's a half-day for us, right? Let's go to meet Sumanth, he said he will meet us at our common coffee shop. Okay. BOTH KEERTHI AND JAYA COME. KEERTHI SMILES LOOKING AT VIREN. Keerthi I will just come. Where? Store. Okay, wait I will come. Sumanth will come. SUMANTH AND JAYA LEAVE. VIREN IS CALM. Don't worry Viren you will get a seat this time. VIREN SMILES. This time I am not afraid of results because I know you will be there for me. I will be there for you always, Viren. Keerthi I want to say you something. Okay, tell. VIREN IS CALM. Did aunty or uncle say anything? No. Then? I like you, Keerthi. KEERTHI LOOKS AT VIREN HAPPILY. I know I messed up first but, this whole year I never felt alone because I knew you were there always. VIREN AND KEERTHI SMILE. SUMANTH AND JAYA COME. ALL HUG. LATER AFTER SOMEDAYS. VIREN GETS SEAT IN IIT MUMBAI. ALL ARE HAPPY. AFTER 6 YEARS. VIREN WEDS KEERTHI.

-Toast to a New Beginning-


"Thanks to everyone who supported me in the journey of SHORT AND SWEET and I hope you really enjoyed my work and will support me always and will give me good and bad feedback".

Thank you everyone.

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