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Gyanendra Kumar
I enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres are Children, Inspiration, Love, Lyrics. I have been a part of the Kahaniya community since December 31, 2020.
The beginning
Gyanendra Kumar
A journey to the unknown destination......
Time does not take anything from us but gives experience.......
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This is a science fiction story where a boy named Tim who think that his mother is keeping some truth about his father, founds a letter in and old box which was of his father. He when get to know some truths about his father that his father was grounded in some mysterious island for some reason, set for a journey to find his father with a small hope to find something with a clue in the letter. And out of curiosity he wanted to go deep into this....... So let's leap into the journey of Tim and let's find the truth why his father was grounded? What was the reason? What was that last clue, and will he be able to find something? Let's find all this in this series...... Hope all the readers will learn something and like the story, so to know the truth do subscribe and comment your views.....

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